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On Graduates´ Personal And Professional Development

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Hei everyone. I am Mirko and I will be posting here on the blog this year as a representative of the European Business Management graduate programme. At the moment I am taking my first rotation in the Copenhagen global headquarter, within Global Marketing. I currently sit in a launch team, where my colleagues and I […]
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On Business School and Meaningful Employment

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Come on, let’s face it: we are all highly ambitious and anxious people. We are constantly comparing ourselves to peers, and missing out on a better career opportunity is the fear that keeps us awake at night. Similar to many of you, I found myself under pressure of the business school environment. Everybody and everything […]
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“I’m a graduate” – what does that really mean?

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Have you ever asked the question “what do you work with?” and your question was answered “I’m a graduate in…”? I’ve tried that multiple times and people reply as if it is common knowledge what their graduate position includes – to me it was not! I hope this blog will help you to understand the […]
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You won’t get extra (or minus) points for being an Asian…

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The graduate programme seeks only qualified talents and YOU are selected because of your academic achievement, international experience, and personality. My name is Eric and I am blogging for the 2014 business processes graduate programme. This is a photo of my new Novo Nordisk family (6 Business Processes graduates, 2 Global Marketing graduates, and 2 […]
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Procurement: What finance skills do you need?

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A wonderful summer with World Cup in football and a rotation in finance – not a bad combination – has passed since my last post, and I’m now 3 month into my rotation in Procurement in USA. In that period I’ve had one question, I often received in the last application period, left unanswered: “What […]
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VIDEO: What is so special about joining Novo Nordisk as a graduate?

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That’s a cocktail of many factors! The video in this post gives you some of the answers to that question. But first of all a warm welcome to the Business IT graduate blog! I was one out of five enthusiatistic people who joined the Business IT graduate program in September 2014, and I will be blogging about my experiences in […]
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Working in Novo Nordisk Head Office (Denmark): No walk in the park!

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So, you are close to completing the first 8 months of your rotation successfully? Even if Biology is not your field of specialty you have come to know how the pancreas is an important organ in the body that releases insulin. You also know how insulin helps the cells store and use sugar. You have […]
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The International Career

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Dear readers, The international aspect of the IO Business Programme is undoubtedly compelling. It is one of the reasons that made me apply and today I would like to write a bit about it. I’ve been working in Denmark for more than a month now and every day I come across people from different countries, […]
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Winter in Copenhagen and summer in Dubai! How different the experiences within the programme could be?!

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Dear all, It has been a while since last time I wrote  you :) In one of my previous blogs I’ve mentioned how unique is the graduate programme, but what I’ve figured out after experiencing 3 different rotations now is how unique and different each rotation could be! After a great experience in project management working […]
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Graduate experiences from site Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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The PS graduate programme consists of 3 rotations of 8 months, where the 2nd rotation is outside of the country where you started. Since I started in Denmark my second rotation is in another country – Brazil. After spending 3 months in Brazil I can say that I am very grateful for being here. Not […]
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