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Making Things Happen

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On the first days of my role at Novo Nordisk; I found everyone very welcoming and friendly, it was easy to get the first sense of how great the work environment at Novo Nordisk is. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming, however, I found working at the affiliate very dynamic and I had to […]
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Life after the graduate programme…

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Some of you may already now be considering to apply for the Novo Nordisk graduate programme in 2016 and therefore you may also be wondering what life is like after the programme… To answer that question I have interviewed 2 former business process graduates: Christina who finished the graduate programme approximately 1 year ago, and Erik who finished […]
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Novo Nordisk graduate programme – from application to Executive Management

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As you may know, we received 9.648 applications from 130 nationalities for just 42 graduate positions this year. Amongst those to welcome this year’s selected candidates to the Graduate Recruitment Center in Copenhagen was Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen. Lars has a special story in Novo Nordisk; together with 5 other […]
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What Happens in the Graduate Assessment Center?

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  It is not easy to describe the recruitment process in Novo Nordisk, however, if I would try to describe it I would say it’s a quite challenging, intense and at the same time quite a fun experience, so congratulations for those of you who have already passed the first phases of the process and […]
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Let me introduce you to Strategic Sourcing

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You have already heard about procurement in general and how to apply for the Global Procurement Graduate programme. Now it’s time for me to give you a glimpse into the Strategic Sourcing world at Novo Nordisk. The Strategic Sourcing department is a central sourcing unit in Novo Nordisk’s Product Supply division, where I am doing […]
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The phone interview survival guide!

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Congratulations to all of you for taking the decision to apply to the graduate programme! I will take a wild guess assuming that you may have more doubts about what is to come in the screening process now that you have filled up your application. Right now the recruitment team is reading through thousands of […]
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About curves, priorities and time…

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What is in your opinion the most valuable resource for the organization and personally for you? Tangible assets (like equipment, materials or cash)? Or maybe intangible assets (such as patents)? The more business-related and personal challenges I face in life, the more I realize that resource we are acutely limited in and usually overlook is time… […]
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2-years as a RA graduate and then what?

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I believe that the graduate blog is very successful in providing an insight into how the programs work, the experience one has during the program and how one can manage to get accepted into the program; however there is less information on what happens after the program. So you sign up for two years of […]
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Global Marketing Graduate: What could the first rotation look like? Vol. 2

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I decided to follow in the footsteps of my friend and colleague Jess and write a few lines about what you do as a graduate. Unlike Jess who works in a department that works across all functions in Global Marketing, I am a part of a unit that is much more directly related with certain […]
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Last Minute Application Tips!

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Let’s face it, you are probably writing you application, just now, while reading this post. Either you just became aware of the application deadline or you are like me – always doing everything the last minute ;) Unlike others, I would argue that this is a good thing, because if not, you wouldn’t have been […]
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