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The world is our playground – where has the Global Business Processes Graduates been rotated in the world?

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Having sat in your position just about a year ago, I remember wondering where that could be. Where in the world could I go? Being a Global Business Processes graduate means that you are rotating between departments every eight months and on your second rotation you will get the opportunity to go abroad! As the […]
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How Does Science Fit Into Regulatory Affairs?

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As a scientist it can be very hard to find employment outside of the laboratory. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the Regulatory Affairs Graduate Program attracts so many bright scientists eagerly looking for a career away from test tubes and statistical analysis. Although Regulatory Affairs is a department branched under Research & […]
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A (very) steep learning curve

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Dear reader, Today, I want to share the journey I have been on throughout my first 5 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk. It’s funny, every time I write my title I feel a small, proud energy floating in my body. What a privilege it has been so far! There is no […]
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How I prepared for, and passed the interview

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Dear reader, If you are reading this, it probably means that you have been chosen among thousands of applicants, and invited to interview for one of the Global Graduate Programs at Novo Nordisk. Well done, and congratulations! This is truly a great achievement. It also means that , within a few days, you will be […]
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Is initiative only a buzzword?! (Being an IO Finance Graduate in Novo Nordisk)

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Pre-story When I was a potential candidate for the Graduate Programme and afterwards when I was a fresh graduate, oftentimes guest lecturers concluded their speeches with a recommendation to be proactive, eager to stir up “as-is” way to improve processes – in short, to take the initiative. For me personally, it has been hard to […]
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The Art of Interviewing

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We all have been there: receiving a call or an email saying you are going onto the next stage in the recruitment process. We experience 5 minutes of happiness and then ask ourselves ‘What do I do next?’ I have an answer for you – You need to prepare! The biggest mistake in interviewing is not being […]
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Those questions you all would like to ask a current Global Business Processes graduate

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It is clear that ‘Business Processes’ is quite confusing to some: what does it actually mean? What do you do? What background do you need for it? And why should you choose this programme? While I will not answer each question specifically, I hope that my story will provide some light to the questions and […]
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My first rotation as a Global Finance Graduate: R&D Finance

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Dear readers, One year ago I was in your shoes trying to answer one of the most difficult questions in life: What do I want to do? After graduating you face an ocean of possibilities and if you are like me it could end up in a never-ending storm of questions: Where do I want […]
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Working in a Foreign Production Site

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Dear all, Working in a new culture is always an exciting journey. The Danish Product Supply Graduates of 2014 just ended their second rotation in one of Novo Nordisk’s global production sites and would like to share their experience. Below some insights into how your future rotation abroad could look like. We hope you enjoy it. ———- IMPORTANT: […]
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Global Marketing Graduate: What could the first rotation look like? Vol. 3

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One of the very first steps of the graduate application process is to understand the 18 different programs offered by Novo Nordisk  and decide which program(s) would best suit you – Yes, you are allowed to apply for more than one program! Selecting the right program for you not only contributes to your work satisfaction as a […]
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