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Video post – Business IT Program – Who are we looking for?

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Dear all, Many of you are wondering whether this program is the right one for you, who we are looking for, what the application processes are, etc. Well, thanks for Lars and Dean, we made a video for these questions and hopefully you can gain more insights :) The two gentlemen in this video are […]

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Get to know other PS graduates and their advice on how to best apply to the program!

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Currently there are three PS graduate blogs registered at the graduate website, me, Stephane and Sara. Via our posts you have had the oportunity to get to know us quite well. In order to get an even broader perspective over what kind of people that are currently in the program me and my graduate colleague Stephane […]

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Hosting the Chinese new year party

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The good thing about being a graduate is that you always have this special status, the special visibility, the ability to do things differently, especially during your rotation abroad where you stand out in a foreign culture. And that was my case in China for a special occasion: the annual party. Last month, the site annual party committee […]

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Personal and professional development throughout the graduate program

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The graduate program at Novo Nordisk provides a multitude of ways to develop your professional and personal skills. I will give two examples of ways that I have developed these skills throughout my first rotation. Personal development at Arken – Myers Briggs Type Indicator  In the end of last year we, the Business Management team […]

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A drop of the ocean – one workday in Novo Nordisk

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Dear applicants, When I thought about how I could help you to know better about Novo Nordisk, one idea came to my mind immediately. Why not describe a day I had? Some of you are interested in what a workday could be like for a graduate. So I will pick up my last Wednesday as […]

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The social life as a graduate

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Dear reader, There are numerous great aspects to the graduate program and many good reasons to apply to it. Besides the obvious such as the possibility to experience different parts of the organization, have a steep learning curve and build a broad network, there is one aspect to being a graduate which I personally underestimated […]

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Finance Analyst in Latin America: My Brazilian experience

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Very early on 30/8-2012, my girlfriend and I went to Copenhagen airport and jumped on a plane. 16 hours later we arrived in one of the world’s largest city and home to more than 22 million people (and also 2 danes for the next 6 months); namely Sao Paulo in Brazil. More or less at […]

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Applying for and getting the job

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I’m not sure exactly what got me the job as a graduate. I remember reading the job add thinking that I matched the requirements, and I guess that’s the first thing that needs to be in place. There are some quite concrete requirements that the initial selection is based on. I don’t know much more […]

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How is it starting a new rotation?

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Coming back from Montes Claros in Brazil I was reflecting on how my new rotation would be and how I was going to react to the new environment after experiencing one of the best periods in my life. I knew that I was going to start working in one of the most important factories in […]

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Why I Applied for the Corporate Finance Graduate Program in Novo Nordisk

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Dear readers, I could clearly recall one of my typical days at this time last year: breakfast, job search, lunch, job search, dinner, job search. As a lot of application deadlines approaching, I bet your job search and application schedule is as hectic as mine one year ago. It is never easy to spot opportunities […]

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