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A short note on the view from my desk and statistics in Novo Nordisk

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Dear reader,

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I returned to my desk today after spending Christmas with family in Denmark and New Year with friends in Berlin. The first months in Global Development have been intense and very stimulating and it was great with some days off to absorb the impressions and relax a little.

The photo here below is my desk in building B at Vandtårnsvej in Søborg. Global Development is located in two new buildings at Vandtårnsvej, and I am located on the 3rd floor.


It’s an open office working environment which creates a lot of energy and sense of activity in your surroundings. I like that – even though it sometimes get’s a little noisy. But then if you stay late you appreciate the quietness in the late afternoons. Here below is  a photo of the view from my desk over the open space that makes up the center of the building:

The colored thing in the picture is a very special lamp, that has caused the fire alarm to go off at several occasions due to short circuits.

Before Christmas I had been working on preparing statistical analyses for two clinical trials within in the development project of my department. We are a group of statisticians who share the responsibility of having statistical procedures set up for analyses of clinical trial outcomes when the data for the clinical trials are ready. The different statistical analyses needed are specified well ahead of any data from the clinical trial being obtained and the programs are tested on blinded data in order to now that the function correctly. The output of a statistical program may be a table with regression estimates, a graph or figure or a listing. When data is ready, the pre-prepared programs are run on the unblinded data and the results of the analyses are then presented and interpreted at a result meeting. Prior to this a huge work has been done in other departments of Global Development to set up the trial, recruit patients, obtain patient individual measurements of relevant medical parameters (such as blood glucose level). Some clinical trials run for more than a year before data is ready for analyses, and before the enrollment of patients there has been a preparation period of perhaps another year. Statistics is just one part of the development projects.

The two trials that I was working on before Christmas now have all statistical programs ready for the analyses, and there has already been result meeting for one of them. The next is to take place within the few next weeks. For my part I will now be working in collaboration with a doctor on some exploratory analyses on an older trial in order to make further investigations of the association between adverse events and observed in our studies and possible confounders such as age and country. These analyses will hopefully provide us with valuable information for the preparation of future trials.

I realize that Global Development is not hiring any graduates this year, and that it may not be that relevant for you to read about my working tasks. To make sure you don’t miss out on any information on our graduate programs please keep in touch by

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All the best,



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One Comment to A short note on the view from my desk and statistics in Novo Nordisk

  1. Posted February 9, 2013 at 3:33 pm | Permalink
    Varun Malhotra says:

    Hi Oluf,

    Thanks for your posting. I was actually very keen on applying to Global Development but after looking around at other programs, it became clear that some streams give opportunity to rotate in other departments. For instance, business process gives you that option as I understand, and given how important drug pricing and regulation has become in light limited government budgets, I would certainly consider spending one rotation in the Global Development department if I am selected and given that opportunity.



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