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Organizing the CEMS Skill Seminar in Budapest – a great experience to be on the other side of the class room

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Dear all, the deadline for application is approaching and thus I thought it might be good to share another experience with you about what it can also mean to be a Graduate at Novo Nordisk. Of course we are mostly working on our daily tasks but once in a while we get the chance to participate […]

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Why you should apply to the Business Processes Program

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I remember the difficulty I faced a year ago when I had to make a decision for which graduate program to apply to. Marketing, European Business Management….or Business Processes? Re-reading the program descriptions (choose your expedition) gave some clarity on the tasks and positions involved in the programs. However, the real problem was to find […]

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One of the central responsibilities of my department Business Assurance is to ensure that all departments around the world are in compliance with ‘the Novo Nordisk Way’ and our ethical standards. One of our functional areas, Group Internal Audit, travels around the world to conduct these business ethics audits, and as a part of my […]

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Key takeaways from the RA Graduate program

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I have finished the RA Graduate program, but doing the blog has forced me to step back and really re-evaluate the last two years and I have realized that there were a few key things that I learnt from the graduate program: You have no idea what you are capable of. When I was chosen for the […]

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Two pieces of advice for all of you who have not already applied!

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Here are two pieces of advice for you who have not already applied. 1. I was at a career fair recently talking to some students about their next step in life after the university. We talked about NN graduate program and similar setups in other companies and many of their reflections were that the competition […]

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Are you sure you want to apply? A bad day at work

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Dear blog readers, Those of you who have been following the graduate blog and Novo Nordisk in general, might think that graduates must feel at work like children in a candy store. They get all they have been looking for in a company: great colleagues, interesting tasks, development opportunities, international exposure… etc etc. Yes, this […]

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The other PS graduates and their advice ! Part 2

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To follow-up on Gustaf´s post about our current Product Supply graduates group. Below are the information, Aleksandra, Kasper and Laura were very kind to share about themselves. We hope it will give you useful details about the Product Supply graduate program and to help you prepare your application. Aleksandra Heleniak Nationality: Polish Age: 27 Background: MSc Engineering Management, BSC Biotechnology, Project management […]

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