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What meaningful thing can I do with my life? A South African Graduates Story

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NO! I do not ride an elephant to work every morning and no I do not keep  a pet lion in my backyard, but I have been thinking really hard all weekend…LITERALLY ALL WEEKEND, of what I could possibly blog about that would make sense to all who read this post without boring them to death. Finally, I decided to share […]

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My first rotation as an IO Graduate Business in Istanbul

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Hi everyone! :) I am Inci from Turkey, Istanbul. I am very proud of being a member of Novo Nordisk family as an IO Business Graduate since September 2013. I am 25 years old, I got my Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Economics from Bogazici University in Istanbul, one most beautiful cities in world.  In 2010, I […]

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Why join the Chinese Graduate Programme

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Dear readers, Last year around this time, I started reading Graduates’ Blog. I enjoyed it very much because it helped me form a sense of what was like being part of Novo Nordisk and the graduates’ programme. I was so inspired by their stories and experience that I told myself I must join them. So, […]

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The basecamp: an insider’s guide to the application process in Colombia

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Earlier this year, and just a couple of weeks after I joined Novo Nordisk, we had our annual sales convention in Santa Marta. Some of the goals of this off-site event were to fine tune the commercial tool box used in our selling process and provide a motivational boost to face the challenges we had […]

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My first 8 months as a Novo Nordisk Graduate in Brazil

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Hey everyone! A lot happened since my last post: concluded my projects at the Brazilian Affiliate, said good bye to friends, family and people from work, packed up my things and got a São Paulo-Copenhagen flight. Even though I am anxious to tell you about my ‘Danish life’, I’d rather tell a bit more about […]

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Be brave enough to say goodbye and life will reward you with a new “Hello”!

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     Few weeks ago, I finished my first rotation in NN Algeria, and I had to leave my home country in order to start my second rotation in the headquarters. When I applied for the job and just started my first rotation, I was very excited and pressed to come in Denmark and work in […]

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Prospective Colombian applicants: what motivates you?

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Often one of the biggest challenges faced by young professionals and students about to graduate from their master’s degree is to decide what the next step should be in their career paths. Last year, while finishing my master in Economics in the Netherlands I found myself reflecting upon different questions: Do I want to pursue […]

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