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How competitive is the Graduate Programme?

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These days, I have received a couple of emails asking about the selection processes. I remembered that when I applied for the programme, I was also eager to know how competitive it was to be recruited. To find out the answer, I made a brochure mapping the selection processes and showed it to a career […]

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How is it really to be a Graduate? – 5 days in 40 storytelling slides!

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Dear blog readers, I know I might have one of the hardest tasks describing what my programme is really all about (probably together with the Business Processes graduates). I therefore set out to illustrate the typical week of the last 4 months – using the storytelling tool, Prezi. Take a walk through a week as […]

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How does Product Supply work?

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During my first months in the PS graduate programme I have been trying to answer this question every day, but it is not that easy. PS is a big organization and has around 10.000 employees in Denmark, Brazil, China, France, Japan and US, and represent a substantial part of Novo Nordisk. PS mission is to […]

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The Ugly Truth About Business Trips

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When I read through the blog posts at the graduate site a year ago, I stumbled upon a magnificent post written by a former Business Processes Graduate, Tatjana (A-bad-day-at-work). She reminded me that even though the graduate life is filled with great colleagues, interesting tasks, development opportunities, international exposure, etc. etc., then everything is not rose-coloured. Sometimes […]

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My road to the IO Finance Graduate Programme

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By the time I was concluding my studies in Civil Engineering at University of Campinas, I noticed that most of my colleagues were pursuing a career within civil construction. In Brazil, investments in infrastructure have grown in the past years which reflected in the number of opened positions for engineers. However, I realised that pursuing […]

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The Interview process that made me a stronger person

Catagory: International Operations Business | 2 comments

 I have seen this scene in an action movie before! The high walls, hot seat, interrogator, the torture tools, the glass of water on the table and the poor captive fighting to be a hero by making it through the explosion…errr…I mean the interview process! Now that I actually think of it, the interview process sure did feel like […]

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Why apply for the Business Processes Graduate Programme in Novo Nordisk?

Catagory: Business Processes | 17 comments

Dear Readers and potential future Graduates, Welcome to my first blog post. You may be out there wondering whether you should apply for the Graduate Programme and asking yourself questions like: “Why should I apply for a job in Novo Nordisk? Is the Graduate Programme really for me? What is it all really about?” I […]

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An Economist’s Guide to Procurement

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During the last months I heard myself say one sentence over and over again: ”Hey, my name is Klaus and I’m a Global Procurement Graduate…”  And I’ve heard the same response almost as many times: “Ehh.. Does that mean you are buy stuff?” No, you don’t purchase stuff as a Procurement Graduate. You will not take part […]

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A rotation abroad – my experience

Catagory: European Finance Global Finance | 1 comments

A long Turkish summer has passed by since my last post, and so did also my second rotation in Istanbul. To give you a glimpse of how life is like in an affiliate or business area, here is a short summary of what I have been working with the past months. The office in Etiler, […]

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Are you ready to accept the Product Supply challenge?

Catagory: Product Supply | 3 comments

A growing company offer a lot of learning opportunities Today there are around 382 million diabetics, and by 2035 this figure could rise to 592 million. Meeting the growing need for diabetes care around the world put demands on Novo Nordisk. During the coming years there will be a lot of interesting opportunities to join […]

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