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An insider perspective on the first rotation… Part II

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Hi again!
In this post, following Lisa’s one, I will tell you a bit more about what a first rotation in the EBM programme can look like… Challenges and learnings are the two pillars of the first four months… Enjoy the reading and please ask your questions if any!

: While reflecting on what I should share with you about being a graduate at Novo Nordisk, I realized that it had been all so fast it is actually difficult to keep track of everything! Now sitting down and having to actually think, I would like to share some of my own personal challenges in taking up the job, but also what I have learned so far…

You embark for a real journey…
This is it, here we are on the first of September, taking a group picture with the entire new graduate intake, thinking that the next two years is the achievement of your studies, of your parents investing in you, your friends throwing you a goodbye party and your own long-searched professional objective. So far so good!

But nothing had prepared me to the realization that, despite how much I had prepared myself, it was real! It is not university anymore, it is not another 2-year programme you enrol in before going back to your cosy life. Embarking for the Graduate Programme means a long-term commitment to yourself, to the people that believe in you, and to the cause defended by Novo Nordisk. The scope of the programme goes well beyond the first two years, and this pretty terrifying realization brings with it a whole new lot of self-questioning. For most of us, we are at the age where our friends start settling down, whether geographically, in a job or in a relationship… And we have chosen the complete opposite path, the adventure and the unknown, living in a new culture and leaving behind what was so comfortable… I think it is difficult to realize the extent of this dimension when getting in the programme!

…And you get to learn every day!
But then come your team and your projects, and you know why you’re there!

Since the first of September, I have joined a team directly relating to Novo Nordisk patients: to prove the clinical benefits of Novo Nordisk medicines, we support clinical teams in finding patients for clinical trials and keep these patients involved in the trial for its entire length. Hence we will obtain relevant clinical data that will support the commercialisation of the new drug and guarantee a new treatment option for diabetic patients.

This scientific communication is really fascinating and I got to see so many parts of the organization I had no clue about! I love being able to get an insight in all the pre-commercialisation phases of a drug, knowing how and why it has been developed, what are the needs of the diabetic population and how, us as a team, can have an influence on the kind of treatment that will reach those patients.
Besides the patients, I also get to work with physicians, specialists, psychologists, nurses, etc. It is so interesting to see how complex the healthcare system is, and to realize that a disease such as diabetes goes beyond being sick but has a very deep influence on the patients’ mental state, their family and friends, their job and everything surrounding them.
Knowing that my daily job aims at easing this burden really motivates me and I know why I get up in the morning.

No change comes as a huge single step but rather as a series of little steps. Hence, no day is similar to the previous one, but I see a trend: you learn and grow as an individual by taking the opportunity to slowly change the world. And I love it!

So if you also want to change the world one step at a time, join the Global Business Programmes!


To read about Lisa’s experience, click here!

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2 Comments to An insider perspective on the first rotation… Part II

  1. Posted January 2, 2014 at 4:28 pm | Permalink
    Dilyana Naydenova says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I just read your blog and I think it is very exciting what you went through during the Graduate Program. I can really relate to your story becuase I also just finished my Master’s.
    However I was wondering if you can tell me a bit more about the application process? Is it true that there is a computer system that makes the first scan of our application, becuase if so I have to make sure that I will use as many word identical to the job offer as possible.

    Can you please tell more of what are your acticities on a daily bases, or lets just ssay the main acticities?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards

  2. Posted January 3, 2014 at 10:36 am | Permalink
    Lisa and Anne-Sophie Lisa Boschert and Anne-Sophie says:

    Dear Dilyana,
    Thanks for your comment and we are very glad to see your interest in the programme.
    Concerning the application process, you can learn about it here:
    The process is not computer-processed and all applications are read one by one by qualified people within Novo Nordisk. Hence just be yourself in your application!

    On a daily basis, my activities are very diverse and cover as many things as stakeholders management, conference organisation, internal and external communication, strategy definition, etc.
    This is only one example of a rotation, but you will find this diversity in every rotation, and this variety is both very challenging and exciting!

    I hope this answers your question.

    All the best,