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Tips for interviews and how you are selected…

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Dear Candidates,

Now the light at the end of the tunnel is seen. Less than 10 days left to apply.  Do not forget to apply before 9 Feb. What will happen after 9 Feb? I will share my experience of selection process in Turkey Affiliate. The process may vary affiliate to affiliate, year to year and program to program. Though, I will share my selection process assuming this may help you to understand the main shape.

After application, your CVs will be examined carefully and if your qualifications seem to be appropriate for the program, you are called by local HR.

They direct you to independent selection center to measure your English competency.

If you are able to get needed score of English, then it means you come to next level.

You are invited to meet with directors and you are interviewed for your background and qualifications. They try to know you both academically and personally. For this part; my suggestion is “be yourself, please do not pretend since they will catch you by cross questions…”

You are invited to the assesment center. It takes half day and you involve various interviews, case studies in which you work with other candidates. For this part, my suggestion is ” do not try to play the role of leader instead be the motivator. Never get too ambitious and aggresive, instead try to compromise and result oriented. You may need to accept the ideas that you do not really like. Accept them if it helps to reach a solution and saves you from the endless debates… Please be aware of this:  you do not need to make everybody believe your ideas, instead be open to change and respect others’ values as well. ”

Now, you passed to other level. You are invited for the presentation session. You are provided with a laptop and a business case. You solve it and get ready for the 20 min presentation. Those will happen in an hour. You can not be prepared earlier. My tips for this part ” Be smart as much as you can. Be familiar with marketing terminology and try to suggest various cases. Think more and make a well defined presentation. Your presentation skills should come to stage. Do not forget to use proper language and be energetic and be motivated and be yourself…Again !”

If you pass this level, now a test will be sent. It is like an intelligence test both verbal, analytical and visual. Weird shapes are designed according to specific algorithm and you are asked to understand and imitate this algorithm to another set of shapes. It is fun actually. For me the hardest part was verbal, since the texts are very long to read and the time was too short. You need to be hurry and make skim reading. The analytical part was fun, too. If you like mathematics and familiar with algebra, it is not a big deal. But again, in each part you race with time. Do your best, since the scores will be kept and informed to you in assesment center in one interview. One more tip: be sure that your internet connection will never be broken down during test, for this you can choose using cabled internet instead of wifi.

Now, the local part is over. You are invited for the final assesment centre in Copenhagen. You meet the other candidates and work with them for  group assignments.This part takes 2 days, you really get exhausted since you need to wake up very very early in the morning: Like 5:00 in the morning…You need to be healty and energetic for those days. When your energy falls down, your performance may get worse… Eat well, sleep well, wear smart, try to speak English fluently, be friendly and be open. Be open to anything. Be sure that somebody from the assesment team is watching you and taking notes about your reactions. This situation may seem stressful, but i should admit that I enjoyed a lot. I learned a lot, and I even thought that I am glad to have this experince even if I would not be selected… You go home satisfied and enjoyed…

Here you can find, what we have experinced in final selection with our words:


Now, it is their turn. You did your best. Your scores and comments about your performance will be gathered and analysed carefully…

After the process ends and they come to a result, they will let you know. The job offer is made towards the end of March and you sign the contract in April. The first day of work will be in September. Welcome !!!!

So, though the process seems to be long, it is fun and unforgettable experience. Go for it… Apply before 9th of February. Here is the link:

Good Luck, Best Regards





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8 Comments to Tips for interviews and how you are selected…

  1. Posted January 31, 2014 at 4:39 pm | Permalink
    Agathe says:

    Very nice of you to share this part of the selection. I had no idea of what to expect !
    The more I read about this program the more I want to be part of it !
    All the graduates’articles are so interesting. Thank’s for committing into this blog

  2. Posted February 3, 2014 at 7:47 am | Permalink
    Inci Omercikoglu Inci Omercikoglu says:

    Dear Agathe,
    I am glad that you find it useful, I hope it goes very well for you and have a good selection process.

  3. Posted February 3, 2014 at 3:19 pm | Permalink
    noura says:

    Dear Inci,
    I have a question regarding my eligibility, I have 3 years of experience before I do my master degree, I have completed my Master degree in 2013 and have no work experience after I was awarded my degree. can I apply for the graduate programme?

    Thank you


  4. Posted February 4, 2014 at 12:37 am | Permalink
    Tinh-Son Nguyen Sultan says:

    Dear Inci,
    Thank you so much for these insights. You are making this blog great! Have fun and good luck in your current position.

  5. Posted February 4, 2014 at 8:27 am | Permalink
    Inci Omercikoglu Inci Omercikoglu says:

    Dear Noura,
    I am not capable of answering this question very certain, but I believe it depends on whether your 3 years of experience is kind of internship/part time or full time. I know many graduates experienced various internships varying different sectors. Besides, you still seem like a fresh graduate. I should encourage you to apply for the position and let the selection comiteé to decide for it. Be clear as much as you can while preparing your CV and when you are invited you can explain those 3 years.
    I hope it all goes good for you.
    Best Regards,

  6. Posted February 5, 2014 at 3:31 am | Permalink
    noura says:

    Thanks dear inci, I am writing my application!

  7. Posted February 10, 2014 at 10:47 am | Permalink
    Vugar HUMBATOV says:

    Dear Inci,

    I have already applied for Novo Nordisk Finance Graduate Program in Turkey.I speak Turkish as well. I am currently living in France. What is the language structure for the first part of interviews in Turkey? For Group case studies, I communicate in Turkish or in English?

    What would you say about Corporate Culture, Work Environment in Novo Nordisk Turkey?


    Vugar HUMBATOV

  8. Posted February 10, 2014 at 12:10 pm | Permalink
    Inci Omercikoglu Inci Omercikoglu says:

    Dear Vugar,

    The first part interviews is mostly in Turkish but you may need to speak English in some parts. For example, you will be asked to study a business case and then make English presentations individually. For group case studies, last year the language was Turkish since every participant was Turkish. After you pass the Turkey assesment steps, you will not need to speak any further Turkish, since assesment center in Copenhagen is very much international.
    For the corporate culture, I would say the standards are very high and you as an employee you feel valuable. Work environment is very good in terms of life quality and employee rights.

    I wish you a good assesment period, good luck.
    Best regards