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Next stop: GRC 1-2 of April

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Congratulations to all of you who made it through to the final stage – the Graduate Recruitment Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The GRC is two exciting days filled with interviews, group exercises, and meeting people from all over the world. By doing some preparations, you will help yourself, to show the best of you during the two days. In this blog post I have gathered my own tips + tips from the other current PS Graduates in Denmark. 

If you are curious about the actual agenda of the GRC, I advise you to read Ying´s blog post. For this year’s GRC there are some changes, but Ying´s blog post definitely provide you with relevant insights about the different elements of the GRC

What do you find motivating about and why are you interested in; the pharmaceutical industry, Novo Nordisk, Product Supply and the graduate programme? Why do you want to enter a leadership programme and why do you want to be a leader?

It is not easy to answer all of these questions, but you need to try. Remember it is not only you who is being interviewed. You should also be ‘interviewing’ the company. What answers do you lack to be able to answer above questions? Preparing some questions to ask the interviewer will help you decide whether NN and the PS graduate programme is the right thing for you. By searching for answers to questions where you are in doubt, you show a true interest and motivation for the position.

Know yourself
During the personal interview you have the opportunity to elaborate on what you have written in your application. Be prepared to talk the interviewer through your CV. Why have you made the choices you have made, what you have learned from your experiences, how have you tackled different situations and what would you have done differently today? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? How do you use your strengths and what have you done to improve your weaknesses? One important aspect is reflecting on your own behavior and making conclusions to support your own personal development.

Actions speak louder than words – providing examples from your experiences that show how you behave in specific situations are the best way to convince the interviewer. As mentioned in the job ad you should be able to give specific examples of taking the initiative, motivating others, handling complex situations, driving improvements and learning from feedback.Are the examples showing a clear coherent picture of you, the fit with the graduate programme and why you are the best candidate for this job?

Group excercises
A big part of the activities during the GRC are exercises where you as a group engage in problem-solving. I think the group exercises are the most important element during the GRC. Which role do you take in a group? How do you create alignment in a group, set direction and ensure an efficient work process that makes use of the entire group´s capacity? Do not be afraid to take initiative – but do not be a smartass!

During the two days you will constantly be evaluated by assessors. You will also meet a lot of other talented applicants. All of this can be stressful, but do not focus too much on everyone else. Do your best, be yourself and do not waste energy in projecting something that does not feel natural to you. Enjoy 2 hard days of great fun: It is a tight programme, and you will be challenged a lot. However you should also see this as an opportunity to meet and have fun with approx. 100 other candidates (for many of you, your future colleagues). Finally, sleep well, have a fresh mind, eat properly, take it seriously but have fun and last but not least, be relaxed and be yourself.
Meet the current PS graduates during the GRC
Take the opportunity to come speak with current PS graduates at the GRC.
Where: 1st floor outside of the big group exercise room
When: 1st of April 16.00-19.00 + 2nd of April 13.30-15.00.

Even though you will have tight schedule there will be free time and it will probably benefit you to chat with one of us for a few minutes. You can ask us about almost anything you want!

 PS grads DK


See you at the GRC!
Mattias and the other PS graduates from DK

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    Nadezda says:

    Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to meeting you and other graduates during the GRC)