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Why Would You Pick a Career in Procurement?

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I will tell you why! But, before that, let me tell you my story. I, like many other Master students, have been in search of a career path and a specialization. Even though I had been studying Supply Chain Management, I realized that the field is still vast and with lots of opportunities to choose […]

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On Business School and Meaningful Employment

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Come on, let’s face it: we are all highly ambitious and anxious people. We are constantly comparing ourselves to peers, and missing out on a better career opportunity is the fear that keeps us awake at night. Similar to many of you, I found myself under pressure of the business school environment. Everybody and everything […]

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“I’m a graduate” – what does that really mean?

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Have you ever asked the question “what do you work with?” and your question was answered “I’m a graduate in…”? I’ve tried that multiple times and people reply as if it is common knowledge what their graduate position includes – to me it was not! I hope this blog will help you to understand the […]

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You won’t get extra (or minus) points for being an Asian…

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The graduate programme seeks only qualified talents and YOU are selected because of your academic achievement, international experience, and personality. My name is Eric and I am blogging for the 2014 business processes graduate programme. This is a photo of my new Novo Nordisk family (6 Business Processes graduates, 2 Global Marketing graduates, and 2 […]

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Procurement: What finance skills do you need?

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A wonderful summer with World Cup in football and a rotation in finance – not a bad combination – has passed since my last post, and I’m now 3 month into my rotation in Procurement in USA. In that period I’ve had one question, I often received in the last application period, left unanswered: “What […]

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VIDEO: What is so special about joining Novo Nordisk as a graduate?

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That’s a cocktail of many factors! The video in this post gives you some of the answers to that question. But first of all a warm welcome to the Business IT graduate blog! I was one out of five enthusiatistic people who joined the Business IT graduate program in September 2014, and I will be blogging about my experiences in […]

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