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Maximize your chances from the beginning – write an outstanding application

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Is the page still empty and you don’t know where to start your application? – so much to tell but what to write… Here is a couple of things to think about when you write your coverletter and CV. To be honest, “good is not good enough” if you want to maximize your chances from the […]

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3 movies, one haiku, and the Global Business Processes Programme

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                              Maple leaf, drifting Through oceans n’ thousand isles, Land in Viking ship Haiku, 5 January 2015, Barcelona Airport   If you keep an open mind, there are endless possibilities in life. I have been very blessed to stumble across the […]

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3 reasons I would choose the graduate program if I could choose again

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Novo Nordisk is a great company in general and definitely a great company to work for: A strong and integrity based company culture, ample focus on individual development and the fact that Novo Nordisk is developing medicine with significant real life impact. All these factors are good reasons for choosing the graduate program. However, why […]

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What will you gain from joining a Graduate Program?

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The Pharmaceutical Industry Firstly, you will have the chance to work in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry. I find the industry interesting for two reasons. The first reason is the several different components that need to be in sync for a company to be successful. Due to the nature of the products Novo Nordisk produces it […]

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Global Marketing Graduate: What could the first rotation look like?

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“The areas of expertise where you will gain invaluable experience include: Product strategy development and implementation Product positioning and branding Product development, launch or withdrawal Market research and analysis Forecasting and pricing strategy Conference exhibitions and symposia Promotional material and communication Communication strategy and implementation …” Now, this is what one encounters on the official […]

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How To Ace an Application Process

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The internet is full of advice and recommendations when it comes to information on job hunting. However, I know from personal experience that, submitting an application is not always a piece of cake and can pose quite a lot of challenges. I want to share with you the framework I  utilized last year when applying […]

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Great combination of “one-to-many” and “one-to-one”

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I was sitting in a large brightly-lit hall looking at the graphs that I am used to seeing on a regular basis in my Excel or PowerPoint files but this time my perception was starkly different. This time these graphs were visual aids for inspiring speeches of our senior management, including Senior Vice President who […]

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What to expect from the graduate programme?

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Hi there! I am Mauricio Parra, and I will be blogging through the journey of being an International Operations business graduate (IO Business graduate). Currently I am based in the Mexico affiliate office collaborating in my first rotation with the marketing department. I must confess that I had a difficult time while looking for job […]

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Mentors: Your greatest nightmare but your best lesson…

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One of my greatest teachers was actually my biggest enemy…at the beginning of my HQ rotation! But at the end he was one of the biggest Rock Stars I had the opportunity of learning from…I know this may sound a tad bit overly dramatic, but it is what it is!   Remember when I told […]

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Am I Smart Enough for the Graduate Programme?

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With 10.000 applications for all the Graduate Programmes last year (2014) it can be quite intimidating and even a bit overwhelming to apply. You might think:  “How will I ever get through the eye of the needle with that many applicants?”  Or  “Why would they pick me over others? I might as well just stop […]

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