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Vlog: How to make a strong impression at the GRC

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If you are reading this now, you have probably made it to the GRC. Congratulations! This is a great accomplishment in itself, and you definitely have a strong profile that could fit into Novo Nordisk. Now it all comes down to these final days in Copenhagen. You will get a sense of the unique Novo Nordisk culture, and you will get […]

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3 Strikes You’re Out? My Unique Graduate Recruitment Center Experience.

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Over the course of your life I am sure there have been many moments where you needed to be at your best and yet the world was working against you. Perhaps it was spraining a wrist before a basketball competition, falling ill before an important presentation, or waking up to a snowstorm on the day of a can’t-miss exam (maybe this last […]

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The world is our playground – where has the Global Business Processes Graduates been rotated in the world?

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Having sat in your position just about a year ago, I remember wondering where that could be. Where in the world could I go? Being a Global Business Processes graduate means that you are rotating between departments every eight months and on your second rotation you will get the opportunity to go abroad! As the […]

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How Does Science Fit Into Regulatory Affairs?

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As a scientist it can be very hard to find employment outside of the laboratory. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the Regulatory Affairs Graduate Program attracts so many bright scientists eagerly looking for a career away from test tubes and statistical analysis. Although Regulatory Affairs is a department branched under Research & […]

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How you can nail the aptitude test

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A common part of recruitment nowadays involves that you as an applicant complete a so-called aptitude test. This is also a preliminary task for some of you applicants (some specific programmes; e.g. Business IT) that have progressed to the Novo Nordisk Graduate Recruitment Centre. In this post, you will learn to optimize your chances of nailing the aptitude test. What […]

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A (very) steep learning curve

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Dear reader, Today, I want to share the journey I have been on throughout my first 5 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk. It’s funny, every time I write my title I feel a small, proud energy floating in my body. What a privilege it has been so far! There is no […]

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