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My first rotation in the Global Finance Graduate Program

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Hello everyone! My graduate colleague Marn mentioned in his previous blog post that both of us will blog about the Global Finance Graduate Program. If you haven’t yet read Marn’s post, I would recommend you to do so for getting familiar with the structure of the two-year program and its four rotations. In this post […]

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From Kathmandu to Global Business Processes

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So you are about to wrap up your master from a good school, you have scored somewhat good grades, you might have had interesting internships and student jobs but you still keep asking yourself: what am I REALLY good at? Where can I contribute on a professional level and where should I start my career? […]

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Product Supply – The manufacturing part of Novo Nordisk

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post as a Product Supply graduate! I remember the first time I visited this blog myself. I was determined that I would apply for a graduate programme at Novo Nordisk (Product Supply of course) and I expected that the blog would give me an opportunity to tap […]

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Why the Novo graduate programme? My Four P-s job mix!

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“Graduate Programme or full-time position? Home or abroad? Generalist or specialist track?” Many questions were going on in my mind one year ago, as I was looking for the right job after business school. No answer was obvious to me, and career events seemed to have become a new hobby… I blamed my indecision on […]

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Market Access – the key to success

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Novo Nordisk graduate blog! I am Anne and I joined the European Market Access graduate programme in September 2016. Over the next few months I will share my experiences as a market access graduate with you and hopefully inspire you to apply for a life-changing career within Novo Nordisk. You […]

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Somewhere in the near future..

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Hi everyone! Let me set the scene, somewhere in the near future: it is Sunday afternoon; you wake up late after a great post-graduation evening party. You have breakfast at lunch time and somewhere between coffee and an abstracted look through the window, you have the thought: My student life just finished, it was great, […]

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Global Procurement Graduate – is it living up to my expectations?

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Hey You! I’m happy to see that you find Novo Nordisk interesting and I’m even more happy to see that you find it interesting to read a little bit about life as a Global Procurement Graduate. And who knows? Maybe you will become my new colleague. I am Jimmi and I joined Novo Nordisk as […]

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Global Finance Graduate Programme; fancy name, but what is it all about?!

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Hi everyone, About a year ago I was facing the exact same, rather important question as many of you: it has been fun studying for the past 5 years, but what’s next? And as you might have suspected, my next turned out to be the Global Finance Graduate Programme in Novo Nordisk. So I want […]

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Life as a Regulatory Affairs graduate

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Hello and welcome to the Novo Nordisk graduate blog! I’m Mathilde and I joined the Regulatory Affairs (RA) graduate programme on September 1st 2016. So far, working for Novo Nordisk and my new life in Copenhagen has been fantastic, and I look forward to telling you about my experiences, as well as those of my […]

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The new kid on the CMC Development Blog!

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Hello guys! I’m Sofie, and I joined the brand new CMC Development graduate program 3 months ago. So right now everything is new: my collegues, the graduate program, the workplace, the work, this blog – and me. In this first blog post I want to introduce you to two of these new things; the R&D […]

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