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Graduate Recruitment Centre – my last-minute tips

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After weeks of waiting, it’s now the final countdown to the Graduate Recruitment Centre (GRC). You have hopefully already prepared most of what you wish to prepare, but I wanted to share some of my last-minute tips:


  • Prepare to dress to impress
    Think through your outfit in advance to make sure that you have the necessary clothes and avoid ending up with finding stains in the morning of the GRC. The basic rule is that you should look proper and clean. Besides that, I can also warmly recommend to “dress for the job you want”. As some guidance I can share that the general dress code at Novo Nordisk finance departments is business casual. For men, that normally implies suit without a tie. There is more room for different interpretations for females, but I would recommend wearing something that approximately matches the level of the men’s attires. Apart from dressing up at a suitable level, I also think it is very important that you can feel relatively comfortable in what you are wearing. If you succeed in finding an outfit that you feel good in, both in terms of look and comfort, I can assure you that it will increase your confidence during the GRC.
  • Read through the case carefully
    You should have been provided with a pre-read for a case. I recommend you to set aside enough time for reading it through carefully. Personally I would prefer printing it out to be able to use a highlighter as you read, make notes and Google terms you are unfamiliar with.
  • Prepare all your belongings in advance
    Your clothes, shoes, bag, personal belongings etc. Preparing this in advance will make you feel more in control and contribute to a less stressful morning.
  • Clear your schedule the evening before
    You will probably feel that you always could prepare more for the GRC, but my advice is to let it be enough when you reach the evening before. Plan to have the evening off to do whatever you feel like and to think about something else. This will probably make you sleep better compared to stressing about case practice the whole evening. A good night’s sleep will be advantageous for the long GRC day.

During GRC

  • Network and enjoy
    I know it’s not easy, but I would urge you to not be too obsessed about the assessments and seize the opportunity to network with a lot of interesting people while trying to enjoy the day. The Novo Nordisk representatives and other candidates will potentially be your colleagues in a couple of months and then it is a good idea to start connecting already now. Or if it turns out that they won’t be your colleagues, you never know when the connections could be helpful. Besides, if you are enjoying and talking to others it can help you get a mental break from the assessment activities.
  • Smile
    Of course you don’t have to go around and smile all the time, but smiling was actually something that I tried to keep in mind during the GRC. There are many benefits of smiling. From the perspective of likeability, a smiling person often comes across as more friendly and it can also strengthen your team-player aura. But in my view, the most important reason for smiling is that it actually can make you feel better and more relaxed. Normally we smile when we feel happy – but it can also have the reverse effect in that smiling can make us feel happier/calmer. Try it and see whether it works for you.
  • Re-boost with energy
    The GRC day will most likely drain much energy – make sure to fill up with energy by eating and drinking when given the opportunity. It is easy to forget this when you are busy talking or thinking about the next scheduled activity, but it is very important in order to perform at your best ability.
  • Be yourself
    Cliché but not less true. Remember that there is a reason that you were invited to the GRC, and that is because the assessors see potential in you. Don’t try to act the way you think that the assessors want you to act – try not to overthink and just be the fantastic person you are.  

If you are interested in more insights about the GRC, I can recommend you to read my graduate colleague Anne’s post.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you around. Feel free to reach out if you have any last-minute questions.

All the best,

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