About the blog


Welcome to the Novo Nordisk Graduate Blog.

How is it really to be a graduate?

You have now the opportunity to be in dialogue with our graduates. They come from a variety of programmes and blog about their lives as graduates in Novo Nordisk – e.g. their assignments, expectations, the culture in the company, friendships, travelling etc. The blogs are personal; written and posted by the graduates themselves. This way we strive to offer as authentic and honest blog as possible that gives an accurate picture of how it is to be a graduate within Novo Nordisk.

Get the programme details at the graduate site

This is the blogging site. Next step is to visit the graduate site at www.novonordisk.com/graduates. This is the corporate website describing all our programmes in details, bringing interviews and offering small movies about the programmes. It is also here you apply for the graduate programmes.

We hope you will enjoy this blog, and that you’ll find it interesting. Get into a dialogue with our graduates to know more about their life changing careers.


Feel free to share the graduate programmes information with your friends by mailing them the web address: www.novonordisk.com/graduates