Global Business Processes Graduate
With no prior experience and knowledge about pharma, I joined Novo Nordisk 1 September 2016 as a Business Processes Graduate. In this blog I will present my thoughts on my daily tasks, my perspective onpharma and more personal thoughts on career and life path.



From graduate to the right-hand woman of the CEO

Sobia Akram started her career in Novo Nordisk in 2004 as a Business Processes Graduate. From 2009 to 2015 she was Executive Assistant (EA) to the former Chief Operational Officer (COO) Kåre Schultz and from 2015, Vice President and EA to the CEO of Novo Nordisk – first Lars Rebien Sørensen and since January 1st […]

Q&A with an applicant (yes, it’s paid)

Throughout the application process I have received a lot of very good questions from candidates all over the world. Questions that you don’t dare to ask publicly (salary, rent coverage, job security etc.) but is of interest to all potential future Novo Nordisk employees. The Q&A below is based on a real conversation… One of the […]

5 things to highlight in your cover letter

A cover letter is about one A4 page and you must have a really interesting story tell if it should be longer. Of course you have an interesting story to tell and you are truly unique. But so are the other thousands of applicants so you need to get your message rather clear. Below are […]

Take a look into my calendar – what a week as a graduate looks like

As you are planning to apply for a graduate position in Novo Nordisk, you might wonder what daily life as a graduate looks like. For this purpose I thought that a screenshot of my Outlook calendar could give you a good idea. So let me take you through my week from 12-16 December 2016. A week in […]

From Kathmandu to Global Business Processes

So you are about to wrap up your master from a good school, you have scored somewhat good grades, you might have had interesting internships and student jobs but you still keep asking yourself: what am I REALLY good at? Where can I contribute on a professional level and where should I start my career? […]