Global Marketing Graduate
Hey Everyone!
I’m Claudia (but go by Claudi) and I just started my journey as a Global Marketing Graduate 3 months ago, currently working in a cross-functional marketing team supporting the brand teams on their projects. I was born & raised in Germany, but studied International Management in the Netherlands and was always fascinated by Marketing, which fits both my analytical skills with creativity. That’s also why I applied for the Graduate Program at Novo Nordisk, since it suited my interests very well. Apart from that I enjoy contemporary art, listening to hiphop & dancing ballet, Italian cuisine & French wine.

Excited to share my experiences with you!



My Personal Mantra: Patience, Presence & Persistence

Dear All, You might be wondering why it has been silent on the blog for a while! Here’s the answer: all of the 2nd year graduates were busy moving on to their international rotations. So as Francesca has specified in her post a couple of months ago, we are pretty much spread out on the […]

How to stand out

Hey people! Recently, we’ve been attending a lot of career fairs around Europe. Whether we’ve met or not, I’m sure it will be valuable to most of you to share some common questions we received during these fairs. “How can I make sure my application stands out among the huge number of applications you receive?” “What is […]

CV, Coverletter, and wait….a VIDEO!?

Hey everyone! The job ads for the graduate programmes are now up and running, so I thought you would need some last minute tips before filming the application video! I wish all of you the best of success (and a bit of luck) in the application process! Best, Claudia

From cold legs to company representative in a few months

Vienna, 7 November 2015. It was a cold and dusty winter morning in Vienna – definitely colder than what the weather forecast had promised, at least judging from my decision not to pack tights (really, what was I thinking?). I was on my way from the city center to Vienna business school – the 2015 […]

Questions to myself – a year ago

Hi Everyone! Today, I’m answering my own questions that I had before I applied, hoping that they are somewhat similar to the questions you might be having right now. 1) Should I choose the Global Marketing or the Global Business Processes Programme? Both these tracks appealed to me, when I researched which programmes were out […]

More than a job – the Global Marketing Graduate Programme!

Hi Everyone! I want to give you an introduction to the Global Marketing Programme: what does the program look like? What could the first rotation look like? What happens outside of work? (That’s some of us on a training a couple of weeks ago) The Global Marketing Graduate Programme As you can read on the […]