Where is everyone going for their international rotation?

First ever group photo taken in Denmark on 02 Sep 2013. Next time we meet, that will be in 2015! One of the most exciting part of this programme, and possibly the most attractive, is the 6-8 months of international rotation, that you can possibly work in any other country in the world! Check out […]

Perspectives of an RA Graduate in Product Supply

I’m living in a place I never expected, a city nestled in the Brazilian Cerrado, working in a place I never expected, a site providing ever important insulin to people around the world who need it. The place is Montes Claros, Brazil and the site is the Novo Nordisk Production Facility, affectionately known as MOC. […]

The journey of a drug

I am sure that you have many reflections about where to go with your life after ending your studies, and that some of them have to do with your future career. Some lines further down on this blog post, I will share with you some of my own reflections. I hope they can be of […]

Survival guide to reduce jetlag in the GRC (& something important)

For those selected, Congratulations! I look forward to seeing all of you in April! Those not called up, don’t be too upset. Remember to live life to the fullest! Do say ‘Hi’ to me if you see me on the streets one day! :D When I was doing my Masters in Japan previously, I realized […]

Thoughts from the EU Career Conference at MIT

Hi everyone, A bunch of graduates (to include myself) just finished a great trip to Boston where we were able to meet some great individuals interested in the Novo Nordisk Regulatory Affairs Graduate Programme.                                                             I will share a couple thoughts from the conference that may help as everyone makes his or her final preparations for […]

Two Business IT nerds talking – LISTEN TO THE LAST PART

I have decided to bow down to peer pressure and try out a video blog with my fellow Business IT graduate, Jonas, who shares a light on what he does. NOTE: For those who are interested in the Business IT programme or would like to know more, LISTEN to the last part before applying. You will not […]

Behind the scenes: Application screening process

As I have talked with many people who are interested in applying to the programme and in general they all seem to have similar doubts regarding the screening process of the applications, I thought I would unveil the mystery to you so you know exactly what is happening and what to expect. 1.    We receive […]

You’ll Never Walk Alone

I am still fresh from my super short weekend trip to Anfield to catch a match between Liverpool against Aston Villa, and the title is always on my head because of my favourite team! However, we would want to let you know that, while submitting this application, you’ll never walk alone. That’s because we’re here […]

Get to know the US based Product Supply Graduates! Who we are and what we do!

When I was thinking about applying to the program last year many of my questions and doubts I had centered around wondering what exactly I would be doing as a graduate. I had read the job description but I wanted to know more about the types of projects, whether they would be something I was interested in doing, and if they […]