CMC Development Graduate
Hi Everyone,

Sofie here, reporting to you on the life and work of a CMC Development graduate in Novo Nordisk.

I’m a Copenhagen based, Danish girl who loves travelling, politics and biological science. I studied Biochemistry at University of Copenhagen, from which I graduated with a Master specialized in Cell Biology and Immunology in winter 2016. Before I started my studies, I travelled and volunteered in Africa, lived in Paris for a while and worked with organizing in national Danish politics.

When I graduated, I knew that I wanted to work with science in a vibrant and teamwork-oriented manner, preferably within a pharmaceutical company. As a Dane, I was familiar with Novo Nordisk, and since one of my friends joined the graduate program in 2015, I got very interested in the programme and decided to apply for the brand new CMC Development line – the most hands on scientific program there is on offer. I got accepted, and here I am, constantly learning and living ‘the graduate life’ :)

I look forward to sharing my experiences as a graduate with you. If you have any specific questions regarding the programme or the application procedure, feel free to ask as many questions as you like. 




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