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Application Tips to those applying to become a Graduate

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Wondering what recruitment specialists are really looking for? What you will need to get through the graduate recruitment?
Lee Millian, a senior Talent Attraction specialist from our R&D division, has shared his application tips for future applicants! 

Competition is intense for graduate positions in any company.  Often there are hundreds, if not thousands of applications for each position.  You need to stand out from the crowd! This is certainly no different at Novo Nordisk.

It is a good idea to start thinking about applying early and to prepare yourself thoroughly.  In my capacity as Senior Talent Attraction Professional I am the person globally responsible for university relations for Novo Nordisk R&D. I have a number of years of experience of graduate recruitment and have looked through more graduate applications than I dare to remember.  I would like to offer my own personal tips to future applicants.  They are also tips which can be applied to any job application.

  • Read the job advertisement carefully – make sure you are fulfilling as many of the specified job requirements as possible in your application. I advise people to make a list of the skills and attributes the company is looking for.
  • Targeted and Specific – ensure every application you write is targeted towards that specific role. It is obvious to recruiters when you have just used the same general CV and cover letter.  Do not be general, but be precise.
  • Research – show in your application that you have really researched the industry, company, department and employees. The more you can show this the more recruiters can see how much you really want that specific position.  As an example, mention company projects which interest you.  Use as many sources of research as possible.  Make sure you have at the very least read the company website very carefully
  • Examples – use examples to back up statements you make. Just writing “I am good team player” is not as strong as backing it up with a specific positive example.
  • Well-structured application – make sure your application is well structured and “easy on the eye”. Remember, that your CV and cover letter are the first impressions we get of you.
  • Details – It is often the small details which count. As an example, make sure you do a spell check.
  • Exclude irrelevant points – Try not to include irrelevant points. Even if you are very proud of a particular achievement, if it is not at all relevant to the position you are applying for use the limited space more effectively.
  • Network – use your network as much as possible to answer questions you may have and give tips.
  • A second pair of eyes – I advise people to get someone they know and trust to look through their application before sending it. Another pair of eyes can see the application in a different light.
  • Passion! – try to show your passion for the industry, company, department and position. A good way for graduates to do this is by being active in relevant student societies.  Also to take part in company and industry related presentations, lectures and events.

Hopefully the above points will help you in some way. They can not of course guarantee anyone an interview, but they will improve your chances.  Good luck and maybe I will meet or interview you in the near future!

All the best with the application process! For more tips, advice and graduate insights read more of the blog posts full of guidance from former graduates, for e.g. this post by Nicolas on how to prepare for the interview.


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The world is our playground – where has the Global Business Processes Graduates been rotated in the world?

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Having sat in your position just about a year ago, I remember wondering where that could be. Where in the world could I go?

Being a Global Business Processes graduate means that you are rotating between departments every eight months and on your second rotation you will get the opportunity to go abroad! As the Global Business Processes Graduate Program Managers, Ove and Caroline says, the world is our playground, and you could really go almost anywhere, well at least where Novo Nordisk has an office. That said, where you go on your second rotation depends very much on the business needs at the moment and where you fit into the organization in terms of both your skills and the opportunity at the various locations.

While you are on your first rotation, your program manager(s) will collect information on where you would like to go, which business area you are interested in, projects that interest you, your personal development interests and so forth. They use this feedback when allocating the graduates to their second host department.


As you can see above, graduates have been to different corners of the world. Mexico City, Zurich, Princeton and Tokyo, illustrates some of the more recent rotations the Global Business Processes Graduates have been rotated to. It is pretty exciting to think of the many opportunities working at such a large company, with affiliates in 75 countries around the world, provides its graduates!

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Those questions you all would like to ask a current Global Business Processes graduate

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It is clear that ‘Business Processes’ is quite confusing to some: what does it actually mean? What do you do? What background do you need for it? And why should you choose this programme?

While I will not answer each question specifically, I hope that my story will provide some light to the questions and how you can use them to figure out if this is the right career move for you.

I would like to start by telling you why Global Business Processes was the right choice for me personally. Being young and fresh out of university, with limited work experience, I found myself questioning what I wanted to do with my life and saw an ocean full of opportunities. Coming from a background within International Business and Management of Creative Processes, it was clear that even throughout my education I chose a broad study direction and had broad interests. On the one hand, that opened many doors, however, on the other hand, it didn’t provide me with clarity in regards to what I wanted to do in my career. While I was puzzled, some things were clear about how I liked to work, areas of interest and values that were important to me.

For one, I am a generalist that enjoys several areas within business and I am an explorer, naturally curious and being challenged within new areas drives me. Secondly, working on projects, which are time and resources limited, is to me, yet another exciting way to work. Thirdly, leading and project management, being given that responsibility excites me. Lastly, I have always been involved with volunteer work and ultimately can’t see a better way to combine the passion for making an impact with my every day work.

So how does that apply to Business Processes? Well… There is no right formula or answer, but after having researched specific available positions and other graduate programs, none of them to the same extent allowed me to cover a broad area and discover which area within business could be the right one for me, while including the elements of exploring, developing, being challenged from day one and of course ultimately really making an impact. Moreover, l should not forget it is global for a reason, and working in this program you must have that international mind-set, and see the world as your playground. That is why this program fit my profile and personality extremely well.

Blog Post 2

What does Global Business Processes then mean, and what could you end up working within? Well, honestly ‘business’ is a broad terminology to use and Novo Nordisk is a very big organization, so the answer to that is likewise very broad. There are so many exciting areas within business where you may end up working, and processes that touch several lines of business. Being a graduate is both about developing professionally and personally, and your program manager will make sure that you are rotated within areas which interest you, fit your background, and meanwhile also allow you to explore new areas on the same time – on top of that Novo Nordisk is a global company with offices around the world. You could go anywhere and work across areas of business that touch several elements globally.

We are currently seven graduates that started in September 2015, we all work within very different areas – from R&D, Supply Chain Management, to in-house consulting and Talent Attraction. From experience I can say, don’t worry about where you will start; somehow my graduate manager(s) knew me better than I knew what I wanted to do myself, and you will try different areas within your three rotations. I am currently half way through my first rotation sitting in the area of Corporate Talent Attraction, where we are all about supplying the business with talent and attracting potential new employees. I personally work with branding Novo Nordisk as an attractive place to work, within digital acceleration, implementing a new global content system and on a vendor management project ensuring compliance and quality. Broad, different and very new tasks, that have so far been extremely fun, challenging and eye opening. I have been able to drive my own project, apply for projects, work cross-functionally with other departments, learn new skills and provide valuable work to the organization. To finish, I would say I am extremely happy about my current position, sad to leave it in a few months as it is just getting really exciting and on the same time curious about what the next will bring, where I will go and what I will learn next.

So let’s return to the questions: what does it actually mean? What do you do? What background do you need for it? And why should you choose this programme? Global Business Processes enraptures many different business areas, which means you could work within many different areas that fit with the need of the organization and your personal background and interests. That also means that you may have different educational background and experience, and we acknowledge uniqueness and personality. As a fellow co-graduate, Paul,  writes in an interview with the business hiring managers “Have the courage to be you—we do not have a stereotype of what a graduate should be..” and to answer the last question: why should you choose this programme? well, consider your fit with a Novo Nordisk, our values, being a graduate, and how you would like to develop your career path.

I could keep going, but will leave you with those thoughts and if I didn’t cover your question, please add it in a comment and I will make sure to answer it or cover it in my next post!

Don’t forget the deadline is approaching so read more and apply here.

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Mastering your Video Application – Do’s and Don’ts!

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Do’s and Don’ts.

Before uploading your application, make sure to prepare for the one minute video that you will have to record! I have listed a few tips and tricks you should consider when getting ready for the recording – and yes, do think about it before. Most of you will experience a difficult time fitting everything you would like to say into one minute, most of you will do a lot of re-takes and it’s pretty difficult to be satisfied with the final results (at least if you are a perfectionist like myself!).


  1. Be yourself – I know, this is said several times, but it is really true. At Novo Nordisk it is very important to find a candidate that fits into the organization and the Novo Nordisk Way. Not to repeat what the host managers have already advised you, but I remember from my own feedback that they really appreciated my honest and open personality. This piece of advice is of course applicable for the entire recruitment process.
  2. Speak clearly and with confidence – I just recently found that old piece of paper with my “script” notes answering Why should we hire you as a global business processes graduate – which I later transferred onto a few post-it’s with key words I had hanging on the lamp in front of me.
  3. Structure your story line – There is nothing less convincing than someone reading from a script, rather imagine you are sitting in front of someone. I personally had my friend do the filming so I spoke directly to her rather than into a camera. Make sure to practice what you want to say before, whether you speak into the air, look into the mirror, practice with your friend or your teddy bear, doesn’t really matter.
  4. Prepare for action! – First impressions are important, if you are filming in the morning, make sure to drink your coffee first and look awake! It’s your personality that is important, so make sure that it shines through.
  5. Prepare your “recording studio” – As I’ve highlighted above, first impressions are important and this is your opportunity to really make a great impression. Therefore, here is a few tips:
    1) Don’t leave your washing machine on while you record or have your neighbor’s loud music playing in the back,
    2) Sit with enough light to have a good quality video – that means have the light shine towards you not behind you!
    3) Make eye contact by looking into the camera, don’t watch yourself on the screen
    4) Don’t film yourself from below, (it’s never a good idea) rather keep the camera straight on or slightly from above
    5) Have a “clean” background -no one wants to see your messy closet or an unmade bed in the background. This may sound silly, like it shouldn’t matter, but it does. Draw attention to yourself and not everything else around you.


  1. Speak as fast as you can to say as much as you can within the minute – it is not how much you say that matters, but what you say.
  2. Spend a long time creating a fancy home edited video – don’t forget they want to see you, not your editing skills. Sometimes effects and fancy videos can overshadow you. You heard what they said, don’t focus on quality of the video. That said, I am personally a very creative person and think a personal touch can’t hurt either, if that reflects who you are. Last year when I had to make my own video we didn’t have the option to upload a prerecorded version and I was experiencing some technical issues so I actually did exactly three retakes – third time’s a charm after all!
  3. Don’t make a 5 minute video when it says one minute – it’s tempting I know, but seriously don’t! Perhaps use a timer or countdown to guide you. This will work against you.

I hope that my experiences and advice will help you through the process and remember, making a video is actually quite fun!
Feel free to write me any questions you may have!

–> write me in the comment field below and I will make sure to get back asap :)

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The first step to an outstanding application — Let the Novo Nordisk Way be your guide

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If you haven’t figured it out by now you’ll soon realize that the Novo Nordisk Way is at the center of everything we do here at Novo Nordisk. Depending on what your experiences have been, the degree to which you believe this may not be the highest. I can’t emphasize enough, however, how much you encounter the NN Way on a daily basis. It is, therefore in my opinion, incredibly important that you not only understand the Novo Nordisk Way but also where you see yourself fitting into it. What aspects of it really resonate with who you are as a person or employee?

Not long ago I was in your very position—debating how I should begin my application to Novo Nordisk, what I should focus on, and how I could make myself standout from the hundreds or thousands of other applicants applying for a graduate position. I then realized (with help from some friends) that I needn’t be so dead set on being creative or out there – I simply needed to be  myself and figure out where I fit into the big puzzle that is Novo Nordisk. It was then that I began to look at the NN Way to assess my fit with the company.

To dive a bit deeper I, myself, found the statements regarding business ethics, accountability, and ambition particularly inspiring. With those statements in mind I began to structure my motivation letter and video submission – focusing not only on the values I found admirable about Novo Nordisk but also how they aligned closely with my own core values. I, therefore, urge you to be critical of yourself throughout the entire application process. It may be that there are certain statements that don’t align closely with you, but that you find highly appealing and would like to foster and develop as you grow.

Ultimately, by evaluating your fit with Novo Nordisk and its fit with you, you’re better able to determine whether or not this is the right place for you to begin your career. Moreover, by doing this, those that are assessing you will be better equipped to evaluate whether or not you would be a good fit for a graduate position. With this in mind I encourage you to begin your journeys here: Novo Nordisk Way and see where the Novo Nordisk Way might take you.

Good Luck!


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The Graduate Recruitment Center – What you need to know?

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Hello everybody,

I am back with my follow-up post. The response to my first post has inspired me to come up with a post in quick succession. Hope you have been doing your research on Novo Nordisk in general and the graduate programme in particular. Last time, when I was in a similar situation, I wanted to have a macro view of the graduate recruitment center through the eyes of a graduate who has experienced the same in its entirety. From that standpoint I have decided to dedicate one full post on it. What will ensue here is a brief description of the Graduate Recruitment Center (hereafter, referred to as GRC) in Copenhagen, Denmark. So brace up!

Imagine that you’ve just succeeded in making it to the final round in Copenhagen. There you’ve been invited to attend an assessment center (GRC), where you’ll be tested on your communication, problem solving and team working skills. Maybe you’ve never attended an assessment center before, and it sounds quite intimidating to you. What are all things you could expect in a two-day recruitment center? How do you prepare for these challenges and scenarios to ensure that you project our knowledge, experience, and skills in the best light?

Let me give you a little background to the idea of an assessment center. Assessment centers were developed during World War II, when there was a desperate need to find people capable of certain types of leadership. Companies then began adopting this process for recruitment. Their popularity increased, and now there’s global interest in their use. The term “assessment center” can be often misleading, as they are not centers per se. In fact they are a series of tests, activities, and simulation exercises that organizations use to select the right person for the right role. Usually, several assessors monitor your performance throughout the course of the assessment, which can last anything from a few hours to a few days.

The question now boils down to, “can we” or “do we need to” prepare extensively for a recruitment center. The answer is short and sweet – No. Just know yourself well and be yourself. The activities are no rocket science and are very simple. You really do not need to prepare extensively for this. The graduate recruitment center, in particular, will provide you with an experience that will offer challenges embedded in various contexts. Often these challenges will manifest itself through group exercises and discussions, case study and presentation, and the final interview. But do not worry, you will have guaranteed fun, frequent breaks and an amazing opportunity to network with people from around the globe.


Group exercises will cover a large portion of the recruitment center and will test you on your ability to perform in the context of a team, your ability to negotiate and put your point across to the members, your ability to structure your thoughts quickly and help the group in regards to planning for an important activity etc. While ensuring all these, one should not forget that listening to others is also a huge part of effective communication. It is imperative for the candidate to share ideas with the group members and not impose his or her ideas on the group without actively engaging the group in the discussion.

Case study and presentation is that part of the GRC which is going to intellectually stimulate you. As students, working on real life business cases and scenarios can be really fulfilling for many. This is because an activity like this is actually going to give you an opportunity to put your learning into practice. It is important to point out that business cases are not a test of your knowledge of financial ratios and for that matter any technical skills. It is more to do with your logical reasoning, organising of thoughts under time pressure and coming up with a plan of action. Just relax. You are at your best when you relax.

The last round of the GRC will be an interview and this interview is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to find out whether the organisation and you are a good fit for each other. The only preparation required for this round is to have clarity on the reasons why you have applied for the role and clarity on your career goals and interests. Do read about Novo Nordisk in general before you come to the GRC. It does make a lot of difference to your preparation. Knowing about the programme and company will give you a lot of confidence to face the tasks at hand. You may also have a few good questions ready for the interviewers at the end. Asking good questions often reveals how interested and passionate you are about the role and the company you have applied to.

That was all about the process. But trust me there is more to GRC than just these activities. There cannot be a better gathering to network with graduating students from across the world. Last year there was also a candlelit dinner with ones peer group in the evening. You will never feel like you are being monitored and assessed all the time. The idea is never to stress you out, but to see the person you are and how you can contribute to the organisation.

Hope you enjoyed the snapshot. Also let me share with you a link where you will be able to see some videos before applying. Check Here!

Feel free to ask questions to any of the graduates on the blog and we will be happy to help you.

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3 movies, one haiku, and the Global Business Processes Programme

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Novo Nordisk’s Favrholm Campus in Denmark
















Maple leaf, drifting

Through oceans n’ thousand isles,

Land in Viking ship

Haiku, 5 January 2015, Barcelona Airport


If you keep an open mind, there are endless possibilities in life. I have been very blessed to stumble across the Global Business Processes Graduate Programme. I cannot guarantee that this programme will fit your profile, but I can tell you that the recruiters are not only looking for candidates with top grades – so let your personality and personal values shine through the cover letter and résumé!

The names for the graduate programmes are confusing, even for me working in HR. The Global Business Processes Graduate Programme is internally referred to as the Business Processes Graduate Programme and sometimes informally called the Business Process Graduate Programme (because Business Processes is such as tongue twister).

Basically, Global Business Processes (official) = Business Processes (internal) = Business Process (lazy).

Also, Global Business Processes Graduate Programme and International Operations Business Graduate Programme are different.

  • Global Business Processes Graduate Programme = based in Denmark (Headquarters); two rotations in Denmark, one rotation outside of Denmark
  • International Operations Business Graduate Programme = based in a local affiliate (outside of Headquarters); one rotation in Denmark, two rotations outside of Denmark










It is not easy to define the tasks of a Business Processes graduate because it is the most diverse programme out of all the Novo Nordisk graduate programmes (in my opinion).  To give you a sneak preview of what you can be part of starting September, here is a list of where the six 2014 Business Processes graduates are currently assigned:

•   Global Medical Affairs
•   Corporate Development
•   Product Supply
•   Quality Development
•   Corporate Communication
•   Human Resources  <– that’s me


The sky is the limit with the Global Business Processes programme and it can be an epic trilogy of a life-changing career.


Volume 1: Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill
Country: Denmark
Language: English
Release Date: September-April


starring 2014 Swedish business processes graduate – Matilda















Novo Nordisk’s philosophy for employees is: “Be yourself–more–with skill”. Authenticity is a core value of the company. The company hires you for who you are, develops you to become more aware of your capabilities, and will NOT change you into someone that you are not.

Although you do not have input in your first rotation, your profile, personality, and education are taken into consideration. There is a broad variation in tasks for all business processes graduates and the company will provide training and support. In your application, demonstrate that you are a generalist with high level of flexibility and adaptability to live and work overseas for an extended period of time.

Think SMART and give specific interesting life experiences in your application (e.g. Coordinated the 2014 Asian Business Student Forum that attracted 200+ participants and 30 business leaders from North Korea, China, and Laos).


Volume 2: The World is Our Playground
Country: Affiliates outside of Denmark
Language: English/Local Language
Release Date: May-December














You need to be adventurous and global-minded. Novo Nordisk does not own an isolated tropical island populated with cloned dinosaurs. Instead, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 41,500 employees in 70+ countries, and markets its products in more than 180 countries.

In your second rotation, you will have a chance to discuss with the graduate programme manager and have an input as to where and what line of business you would like to explore. However, the graduate programme is not a travel agency, so do not expect to handpick your destination. The second rotation is a unique opportunity to experience the local affiliate after eight months working in headquarters. Our corporate language is English and you are not required to speak the local language of the affiliate country.

The 2014 business processes graduates are dispersed throughout affiliates in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Where will the 2014 business processes graduates work starting this May? Answer:
• Switzerland
• Canada
• U.S.A.
• Japan
• Vietnam
• Egypt <–  that’s me


Volume 3: The Graduate Strikes Back
Country: Denmark
Language: English
Release Date: January-August














In the final rotation, graduates will return to the Death Star, I mean, headquarters in Denmark. Graduates will begin searching and applying for a permanent position within the organisation after 16 months of intense learning and networking. You also have the choice to pursue a different career path and not stay with Novo Nordisk.

What lies ahead in my journey, I do not know. The life-changing saga is to be continued…



(Warning: This is a spoiler to a life-changing career through three employees’ personal stories – including Pete, my manager today – and my 3 seconds of fame starting 1:25.)
















10 more days until the graduate programme application deadline (8 February 2015).

Comment below if you have any questions about the Global Business Processes Graduate Programme and/or general questions about the graduate programme.


May the Force be with you.




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To apply or not to apply, that is the question.

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet at Kronborg Castle in Denmark.
Photo: Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties.












To those that follow the Gregorian calendar, Happy New Year, Bonne Année, 明けましておめでとうございます, and 新年快樂.

One year ago, I did not know anything about Novo Nordisk. In fact, I didn’t even think I would work for a pharmaceutical company.

I learned about Novo Nordisk while studying in Denmark. The company’s corporate philosophy – The Novo Nordisk Way – caught my attention and I was intrigued by how Novo Nordisk strives to conduct its business in a financially, environmentally, and socially responsible way. I specialised in business, Japanese language and culture at school, and applied for the graduate programme because of its international and development opportunities. Here’s a timeline of how Novo Nordisk came into my life.












Novo Nordisk will take care of you. All non-Danish graduates will receive support with their work visa. If you do not have a Danish CPR number, you can also get tax advice and housing support, so you do not have to look for a place to stay when you move to Denmark. Housing support is optional and you are responsible for your monthly rent in Denmark, which is not deducted from your salary.

To apply or not to apply, that is the question. Do apply for the graduate programme if:
• Your academic background is relevant to the graduate programme
• You are in your final year of master’s studies or have graduated in the past year
• You are interested in traveling and working in new environments
• You are comfortable working in English


The graduate programme is competitive, but you have nothing to lose by submitting an application. You can always modify your C.V. for other job applications and learn more about yourself in the process. Here are some questions that I could not have answered a year ago, but now I can share with you.

Do I need to know about diabetes?
• Not for most graduate programmes, including Business Processes. You will receive training once you’re in the programme.
• Nonetheless, you should read about the company before you apply. For example, Novo Nordisk has committed to diabetes for more than 90 years and came in second place in the 2014 Science Careers Top Employers Survey.

Do I need to speak Danish?
• No, not for work. I have lived in Denmark for the past year and still cannot carry a conversation in Danish.
• By the way, Danes are ranked as the best non-native English speakers in the world.

Do I have too much work experience?
• I had three years of work experience before I started my master’s studies and joined the graduate programme right after I finished my master’s courses. You should not have more than one year of work experience after you finish your master’s.
• It is common for European students to go directly from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree, so European graduates are generally younger than the non-Europeans. Experienced professionals seeking a global career are welcome to explore our career site and sign up for the Novo Nordisk email job agent.

How should I write my application and C.V. (résumé)? 
• Use a format that you will want to read if you were the interviewer
• Keep your C.V. between 1-2 pages and you can include a portrait/photo of yourself
• Write in English, proofread, and do NOT send a generic application because it will not be read
• Get a friend or your university’s career centre to look over your application

Should I apply for multiple programmes?
• If you qualify for more than one programme, it doesn’t hurt to apply for more than one. My suggestion is quality of one good application beats quantity of multiple mediocre applications.

Which programme fits me?

• Check out the Graduate Programmes Overview to help you visualise what programme best fits your professional and personal interests.
• Apply for the Global Business Processes programme if you have a general business management degree and are open to working in different business areas within the organisation.

Comment below if you have any questions about the Business Processes programme and/or general questions about the graduate programme.


“This above all: to thine own self be true.” – Hamlet (Act I, Scene III)













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The life of a Business Process graduate in Malaysia…

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Dear reader,

Almost a year has passed since I last wrote about my experiences as a Business Process Graduate in Novo Nordisk.

Over the past year, a lot has happened. I have moved to Kuala Lumpur, and almost finalised my second rotation working with Commercial Effectiveness and Marketing. It has been a true adventure, and looking back on the past months, my learning curve has been nothing but extremely steep.

Our regional office for South East Asia and Oceania is located in Kuala Lumpur, and during my rotation I have worked with a large variety of projects across the Asian countries. I have been so lucky to have visited all 8 affiliates in the region, and worked with colleagues from all types of functions. Last week I was in Bangladesh and had the opportunity to ride along with one of the Sales Reps for a day, where I talked to local doctors about the rising challenge of diabetes. It was unique experiencing the truly global presence of Novo Nordisk, and meeting colleagues who despite many differences, all seem to share the same values and overall ambition of changing diabetes®.

Another project I recently worked on was the International Diabetes Federation’s regional meeting in Singapore. I was responsible for our Novo Nordisk booth, where we interacted with health care professionals from across the entire region. Below you will see a photo where I am discussing the day’s successes and learnings with my host manager Theo, my direct manager Trine (and former Global Marketing graduate), and Jørgen – a product manager working in Zürich (and former Business Process graduate).

IDF booth BP8Q0532
From left to right: Trine, Jørgen, Theo and myself.

The second rotation of the graduate programme will provide you with a unique opportunity to work in a completely different cultural context and get a solid understanding of our business, working out in the frontline!

Are you ready to take on the challenge and have a Global career? Then remember to apply for the Graduate programme now and no later than 8 Feb 2015 by clicking here.

All the best,

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You won’t get extra (or minus) points for being an Asian…

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The graduate programme seeks only qualified talents and YOU are selected because of your academic achievement, international experience, and personality.

My name is Eric and I am blogging for the 2014 business processes graduate programme. This is a photo of my new Novo Nordisk family (6 Business Processes graduates, 2 Global Marketing graduates, and 2 European Business Management graduates). I’m the guy in the bottom left wearing flip-flops. The ten of us are so well-travelled that we never run out of stories to tell. We actively support each other’s learning by meeting up for lunch or over the weekend to share our diverse knowledge from the different areas of the organization we are assigned to.

My new graduate family from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Novo Nordisk values diversity, but there is no quota or formula for getting into the graduate programme. I am happy to know that I was recruited to the graduate programme because of me, and not simply because of my ethnicity or other attributes that I cannot control.

Since I am posted in the human resources department for my first rotation, I have access to some employee data and created two diversity visuals for the Novo Nordisk graduates worldwide as of November 2014. Remember, the definition of diversity is beyond gender and nationality, and having a different perspective or academic background is diversity too.


It doesn’t matter which gender you identify yourself with, all applicants are evaluated equally and fairly.

Click on the map to see the 37 nationalities.

Click on the map to see the 37 nationalities.

In addition, your nationality (or ethnicity) is not a factor in the assessment process. We have currently hired more than 100 graduates representing 37 nationalities, but there is no “nationality target” for the graduate recruitment. There are more graduates representing some nationalities than others, but that’s because we have a stronger presence and more graduate positions in certain regions.

Novo Nordisk is a growing company with 40,000+ employees in more than 75 countries.
I strongly encourage and challenge all qualified talents to apply for the graduate programme, no matter where you are from in the world.


Do I qualify for the graduate programme? Check out the Graduate FAQ for answers.

Comment below if you have any questions about the Business Processes programme and/or general questions about the graduate programme.




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