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Life in Denmark

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Dear Readers,

It has been quite a while since last time I wrote something. Since the beginning of April 2014, I have been stationed in Copenhagen for half a year. However, rather than covering the whole timeline, in this post I will just focus on my life in Denmark. I will write more about my interesting tasks after this.

I have travelled quite a lot in Europe, but I have never come to Scandinavian countries before. My first impression of Denmark is that everything is clean, tidy and friendly. Simplicity. I think that is the keyword of Denmark. It is not only reflected in the Danish designs. You can feel the concept is embedded in everything. Well, I do feel that way. I think a great example is Grundtvigs Kirke, which you can see here. Most of the churches I have been to in Europe are heavily decorated, the best example is perhaps St Peter Basilica in Vatican City. Well, for some, Grundtvigs Kirke is perhaps plain. But it has just the right plainness: I do not feel a lack of decorations or paintings. On the contrary, any addition for me would just make it less complete. I think that is the magic and charm of being simple. It is less. Paradoxically, it is also more.

I also have the same feeling towards Danish people. They are very genuine, friendly and willing to help. They are also quiet and very polite. When I am walking in the road, I come across someone, although we never met before, we will look at each other and smile. I can tell that it is not only courtesy or simply a professional smile. They mean it. So, maybe I occasionally find some coldness in Danish weather, but never in Danish people. I feel welcomed and relaxed. I am a foreigner, but I do not feel alienated at all. Danish people speak fluent English, and I actually don’t feel there is any language barrier either.

I am also amazed by it efficiency. Paying a visit to the immigration office or public service does not leave me too many pleasant memories. I remembered last time I waited outside of the Registry in London for almost 6 hours. But here in Denmark, I got both my social security number and my bank account in a single morning. Amazing, isn’t it? After a few months here, I still cannot figure out how they manage to do that. Trains are always on time. I cannot tell a single thing that I am not satisfied with. And yet, Danish are so modest.

So this is my view on Denmark. Read more about the Chinese Graduate Programme here!

Have a nice day! :)


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Why join the Chinese Graduate Programme

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Dear readers,

Last year around this time, I started reading Graduates’ Blog. I enjoyed it very much because it helped me form a sense of what was like being part of Novo Nordisk and the graduates’ programme. I was so inspired by their stories and experience that I told myself I must join them. So, now I am literally excited of finding myself actually writing one.

First of all, a little bit about myself. My name is Sheng and I joined International Chinese Graduate Programme in March this year, under the Finance Stream. Last autumn, I graduated from Imperial College London with a master degree in Management. (Read more about my background on my blog profile page)

It’s all about diversity and one goal

What I like the most about our graduate programme and Novo Nordisk is diversity; we come from a variety of geographical, cultural, and educational backgrounds. We are all different. And yet, here we are, working together towards the same goal, Changing Diabetes. The diversity in Novo Nordisk is enormous. I read about Christopher’s story; he was once an athlete competing towards the World Cup before joining the graduate programme (Link). I always believe one can learn the most, both personally and professionally when surrounded by a group of people who are equally dynamic, ambitious and always up to the best. So, if you feel that you have your own stories to tell, you can contribute more to the diversity, and you are seeking to expand your global reach, please just APPLY!

Why pharma? Why Novo Nordisk?

Some of you might well wonder: why pharmaceutical industry and why Novo Nordisk? Well, for me, I choose pharmaceutical industry as the springboard for launching my career, because of its steady growth in recent and forthcoming years, and also because it is an industry where helping generate value and growth also means fulfilling one’s personal social responsibility. Please count down from ten to one. In those ten seconds, somewhere in the world, two people have developed diabetes and one person has died from diabetes-related complications. In China, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association September edition, there are 114 million people troubled by this disease. But, we are here to change it. What Novo Nordisk does brings hope to people with chronic conditions, and because of relentless efforts of our company, they could lead a better life of quality and happiness. This was what I had been looking for and this was what motivated me to apply to Novo Nordisk in the first place.

Programme structure at a glance

The Chinese Graduate Programme offers 3 tracks this year: Finance, Marketing, and Sales Operation. Each track is unique. The marketing track looks for candidates with potentials in marketing strategy development and business opportunity identification, those who really breathe marketing, while sales operation track more focuses on data modelling and analysis. Since I joined the finance track, I will mainly use this as an example. But if you have any questions about the other two tracks, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will forward them to my colleagues. The Chinese Finance Programme comprises three rotations, spanning for 24 months. In the first 8 months starting from September, we work in Beijing Office. We will choose a function and work in headquarters for half a year, after which we will come back to China to carry out the final rotation. I joined the company in early March, so I could experience 4 functions in total in my first rotation. The unique thing about our programme is that it is very much tailored to your interests and development needs. In Finance Department in China, you can choose from functions such as Financial Analysis, General Ledger, Tax, and Treasury, to name but a few. I am really interested in Treasury, so I asked my manager whether I could possibly extend it a bit. Without any hesitation, he agreed. That is another favourite thing about our company: everyone is really supportive; everyone is ready to empower and share their knowledge. So, with this spirit and free flow of information, teamwork starts spontaneously and full of fun! For the second rotation in Denmark, I really couldn’t share with you much now, but I wish I could work in Corporate Treasury, from where I believe I can bring back knowledge and skills back to China.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. By the way, the deadline for Chinese Graduate Programme is 31th October. So, click on the link and apply!

Good luck!


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