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Questions to myself – a year ago

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Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m answering my own questions that I had before I applied, hoping that they are somewhat similar to the questions you might be having right now.

1) Should I choose the Global Marketing or the Global Business Processes Programme?

Both these tracks appealed to me, when I researched which programmes were out there. So how did I make the decision which one to choose? First of all, I have always been interested in marketing – it was my favourite class in university, I graduated majoring in marketing and on top of that, I wrote both my Bachelor and Master thesis on that topic. Still, I worried about regretting the early specialisation later on. That’s why the Business Processes Programme caught my eye: the possibility to look into very different parts of the business sounded just too tempting. In the end, and after talking to my friends and family, I decided to go for Global Marketing though. Why? Because the field offers so much breadth in itself that I wouldn’t call it a very narrow specialisation. On top of that, it isn’t said that you really have to stay within marketing after “graduating” from the programme.

2) Do I want to work in marketing in the Pharma industry?

For me, pharmaceutical marketing has always been an interesting topic. While I was sort of “branded” by my family (they all work in the pharma industry), it was tempting to me to develop marketing strategies within the boundaries of regulation. Personally, I’ve always been inspired by building strategies around obstacles, applying what you’ve learned to a context you are not yet familiar with. I wanted to work in an industry that is evolving, yet constantly changing (read more about that topic in a really interesting report here). On top of that, you actually have a positive impact on patient’s health, bringing life-changing products to the market. Without Novo Nordisk’s diabetes products, for example, millions of people with diabetes would not live the life they are able to live right now. That’s why I chose to work in pharmaceutical marketing. While the graduate program exposes to a lot of tasks on a strategic level, rotations in smaller affiliates as well as the sales rotation ensure hands-on operational learning, which was also a deciding factor for me.

3) Where does this get me?

Being with the company for a couple of months now, I have found former graduates in many parts of the organisation. Did you know that the majority of former graduates stay with the company after finishing the program? Even better: Did you know that our new CEO, Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, used to be a graduate himself? So it is safe to say that the graduate program can open the path to a truly life-changing career – it’s you who’s controlling the gears!


climbing up there

4) So… Should I apply?

In the end, I decided to just give it a go. I knew that competition would be tough but if you never try you’ll never know. Looking back, I can only say that I definitely treasure the moment when I decided to hand in my application (~2 minutes before the deadline) and I remember the moment I got the call saying I landed the job just like it was yesterday.

I hope my thoughts are valuable to you as well and can guide you in your decision of which programme to apply to (BTW: application starts January 20, so make sure you have everything ready :-) ). In my next blogpost, I will tell you the story of how I got to know the company and what convinced me that it’s the company I want to work for. Until then, have a read on Anne’s post on all entry-level opportunities at Novo Nordisk.

All the best,


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Is a graduate position the only option?

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The answer to that question, is of course no! There are many ways to kick-start your career in Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is a global leader within diabetes care, and to continue our business success we need to attract young, qualified people, including students and recently graduated talents. In this blog post, I will take you through some of the many opportunities within Novo Nordisk. Below you will find three sections, based on your graduation timeframe, which will make it easier for you to find the most relevant information. As I imagine that a lot of you reading this blog are students, I will focus a little extra on the student opportunities in Novo Nordisk and base it on my own experience back when I was a Public Health student.


Graduated in 2016 or 2017? Apply for a graduate position!

If you graduated in 2016 or will graduate this year, you can apply for a graduate position. As you probably already know, the Novo Nordisk graduate programme is a talent programme for recently graduated master students. In 2017 we offer 30 global graduate positions within Research & Development, Finance & Procurement, and Marketing, Business & HR. Within these three categories, you can choose between 11 different programmes, including both a Global and a European market access track. As I wrote in my last blog post, I am part of the European Market Access programme, which is a new programme covering an extremely exciting area of the business. The market access environment is becoming increasingly challenging and therefore it will become more and more important.

You can read a lot more about the graduate programmes in the posts on this blog or find more information on the website here. Apply from 20 January 2017 until 12 February 2017 by completing the online application and by providing a 1-minute video of yourself explaining why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Keep an eye out for blog posts in the near future touching upon the application process or read some of the older posts, like this one or this one.


Graduated in 2015 or earlier? Apply for a full-time position!

A graduate position is a unique and amazing opportunity, but it is not the only way to get your life-changing career going. Novo Nordisk is a big and successful company with more than 40,000 employees in over 75 countries. So, naturally a lot of interesting positions are available within various areas. Novo Nordisk believes in making a difference to both patients and society, but we also believe that it is crucial to grow and develop employees in order to make such a difference. Therefore, by joining Novo Nordisk – in any full-time position – you will experience a strong focus on personal and professional development. For example, you might encounter the talent and leadership development programme, and you will definitely come across the individual development plan, which includes both short-term and long-term goals for your career. So, if you don’t see a track in the graduate programmes that speaks to your professional interest or if you are graduating outside of the timeframe, there are still plenty of exciting job opportunities! You can see all available positions here and sign up for the email job agent here.


Don’t have a master degree yet? Apply for one the many student opportunities!

If you are a student and will graduate in 2018 or later, you still have the possibility to get to know Novo Nordisk better. Novo Nordisk is very interested in getting to know the talents of tomorrow, including students taking the first step on their career path. For that reason, Novo Nordisk offers internships, student assistant jobs and even has a yearly case competition called Innovation in Action. While I was a Public Health student, I participated in the case competition and I had an Internship for six months working full-time.

Innovation in Action is a unique opportunity to show your talent, test your problem solving skills, and network with other students and employees from Novo Nordisk, including people from top management. The case competition is an intense one-day event where students are challenged to work together and present their solution to a real and highly relevant case. The case competition is relevant for master students from all academic backgrounds, nationalities and universities. In order to be selected, you must demonstrate that you are a team-player and that you have a creative and innovative mind-set.

I participated in Innovation in Action in the fall of 2015, where the case asked us to come up with an innovative approach to how Novo Nordisk can contribute to improving the education of healthcare professionals on obesity and on its treatment options. Participating in Innovation in Action was my first encounter with Novo Nordisk, and I was happy to confirm my positive view of the company. I had a great experience and my fantastic team even ended up winning the case competition!


Innovation in Action 2015


Novo Nordisk offers a lot of different internships and they are a great way for master students to get valuable, hands-on work experience. It is an opportunity for a unique learning experience and a chance to turn theory into practice. To work as a Novo Nordisk intern, you are expected to be ambitious and willing to learn. So, if you are eager to start a life-changing career in Novo Nordisk, like I was, read more about internships here and find the available positions here.

I started an internship in Cities Changing Diabetes and became even more excited about working for Novo Nordisk. The Cities Changing Diabetes programme is Novo Nordisk’s response to the urgent challenge caused by the dramatic rise of urban diabetes. This was the perfect match for a Public Health enthusiast like me, especially because I got to work with research and evidence generation both quantitatively and qualitatively. I learned a lot and took so many positive experiences with me into the graduate programme – I can highly recommend spending six months on an internship, if you want to get a feeling of how it is to work in one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


To tie a bow on my student experiences with Novo Nordisk, I had the opportunity to come up with the case for Innovation in Action 2016, where the challenges with urban diabetes in Shanghai (part of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme) became the topic. Furthermore, I facilitated a Danish group and the winning group from the US, who was invited to Denmark to present to Novo Nordisk’s top management together with the winning group from Denmark. This was a great experience, having been in the students’ shoes just one year before.


I hope you found this overview of the many possibilities in Novo Nordisk valuable and please reach out by writing a comment if you have any questions or comments.

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What makes Novo Nordisk different?

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Similar to the thoughts that were running through my head when first considering a career in pharma, I’m sure a number of you have wondered: “Could I work for a pharmaceutical company? What about the controversy in the news? Is it really ‘big bad’ pharma?” While hot topics like drug pricing have become an easy target in healthcare systems with deeper systemic issues, controversy in the pharmaceutical industry certainly is present.

However, when taking a deeper look at the major players in the industry, Novo Nordisk stood out to me as a more “human” company – particularly in the way it stresses business ethics and social responsibility. Four months into my first rotation in Global Market Access, I can confirm that this is true and that I am continuously impressed with the contributions Novo Nordisk makes to diabetes care and patient outcomes, globally.

Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Novo Nordisk integrates the Novo Nordisk Way into every aspect of its operations. The ten Essentials of the NN Way outline the core values by which management and employees act in their daily activities, ensuring a commitment to a patient centred business approach, products of the highest quality and ethical business practices – among other things.
  1. Relating to Essential #3, the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is an impressive management system that ensures social, financial and environmental considerations are taken into account in business decisions. The TBL not only ensures long-term business success, but also guarantees that Novo Nordisk is an industry-leader in sustainability. Moreover, NN’s commitment to social responsibility means that we go “beyond the pill” (or pen in our case) to deliver a holistic approach to diabetes care, including programs that raise awareness, improve prevention, promote earlier diagnosis, and expand access to care.
  1. So far, what has impressed me most is Novo Nordisk’s commitment to the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF). The WDF, founded in 2002, aims to address diabetes-related needs of the poorest countries in the world – improving prevention and access to care, as well as advocating for patients and engaging key stakeholders. In one of Lars Rebien Sørensen’s last speeches as Novo Nordisk CEO, he spoke passionately about the work Novo Nordisk does with the WDF: building diabetes treatment centres, improving access to insulin for children with type 1 diabetes, reducing foot amputation rates, et cetera. Hearing of these activities, humbly carried out without significant media coverage, made me proud to work for Novo Nordisk and thankful for choosing the graduate programme.

As a part of the Global Market Access Programme – and similar to what attracted me to Novo Nordisk in the first place – I get to play a major part in improving patient access and outcomes around the world.  Working together with other stakeholders in the healthcare sector to improve diabetes care is not only exciting, but makes for extremely rewarding work.

I hope this post provided a valuable look at the human side of the industry and a deeper understanding of the values held at Novo Nordisk.

Happy New Year!


Laura and I - the first batch of Global Market Access Graduates.

Laura and I – the first batch of Global Market Access Graduates.

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More than a job – the Global Marketing Graduate Programme!

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Hi Everyone!

I want to give you an introduction to the Global Marketing Programme: what does the program look like? What could the first rotation look like? What happens outside of work?


(That’s some of us on a training a couple of weeks ago)

The Global Marketing Graduate Programme

As you can read on the programme page, the global marketing programme is a two-year programme consisting of three 8-month rotations. The specific scope of the individual journey depends of course on both personal preferences and Novo Nordisk’s business need, but some parts are the same across the programme:

  1. Intro to the corporate life: the programme starts in a marketing function in HQ in Copenhagen for the first 8 months, e.g. working in a brand team for one of Novo Nordisk’s products or being part of digital marketing
  2. International experience: 8 months in either an affiliate or a regional office somewhere around the globe, e.g. working in a local brand team, supporting an affiliate’s product launch or improving your marketing analytics skills in commercial excellence
  3. Applying your learnings in a real world setting: 8 months in sales! This is what differentiates the Global Marketing programme from other business programmes. This is the bricks-and-mortar of the industry, where you are as close to the market and as close to the patient as it gets. Also, this rotation will be in a third country around the globe, the only requirement being that you are fluent in the local language.

My first 3 months in insulin marketing

I started my first rotation in a department called the “Insulin Marketing Project Office”. I know, you are probably as clueless as I was when I first read the name. What does “project office” mean? What does it have to do with marketing? So… Novo Nordisk’s insulin marketing department is structured in brand teams focusing on the respective brands. In order to facilitate knowledge sharing between the brand teams and to run cross-brand strategic analyses and tasks, they created the “project office”. We are therefore working very closely with the brands on running cross-brand projects, consolidating the budgets and facilitating communication between the brand teams. I could not be happier about being part of this team for my first rotation: it gives me the perfect overview of the different brands, the portfolio and current top priorities. Also, I am excited to work with insulin products for the first rotation, since that’s what they started out with in the very beginning (which is not to say that working with other products is less exciting, there is actually going on a lot of exciting stuff outside of insulin).

When I don’t work…

It would be misleading to only cover job-related topics here. When you sign a graduate contract, there is so much more coming with it than solely the job. Since the other graduates start the exact same day, everyone pretty much goes through the same (or similar) experience in the beginning. You could see us as a small family :-) I’m also living together with one of the other graduates (her name is Francesca and she’s writing amazing posts on this blog as well, make sure to give it a read), and we are spending a lot of time together. Also, she is working in a very different part of the organisation than I am, so that it is super interesting to hear what is going on in her job. Apart from that we are also (trying to) learn Danish right now, which is a lot of fun.

I hope that this sheds some initial light on what the life as a graduate looks like and I am excited to share more of my journey with you during the next few months. If you have a suggestion for future posts: feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

All the best from Copenhagen,


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Application Tips to those applying to become a Graduate

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Wondering what recruitment specialists are really looking for? What you will need to get through the graduate recruitment?
Lee Millian, a senior Talent Attraction specialist from our R&D division, has shared his application tips for future applicants! 

Competition is intense for graduate positions in any company.  Often there are hundreds, if not thousands of applications for each position.  You need to stand out from the crowd! This is certainly no different at Novo Nordisk.

It is a good idea to start thinking about applying early and to prepare yourself thoroughly.  In my capacity as Senior Talent Attraction Professional I am the person globally responsible for university relations for Novo Nordisk R&D. I have a number of years of experience of graduate recruitment and have looked through more graduate applications than I dare to remember.  I would like to offer my own personal tips to future applicants.  They are also tips which can be applied to any job application.

  • Read the job advertisement carefully – make sure you are fulfilling as many of the specified job requirements as possible in your application. I advise people to make a list of the skills and attributes the company is looking for.
  • Targeted and Specific – ensure every application you write is targeted towards that specific role. It is obvious to recruiters when you have just used the same general CV and cover letter.  Do not be general, but be precise.
  • Research – show in your application that you have really researched the industry, company, department and employees. The more you can show this the more recruiters can see how much you really want that specific position.  As an example, mention company projects which interest you.  Use as many sources of research as possible.  Make sure you have at the very least read the company website very carefully
  • Examples – use examples to back up statements you make. Just writing “I am good team player” is not as strong as backing it up with a specific positive example.
  • Well-structured application – make sure your application is well structured and “easy on the eye”. Remember, that your CV and cover letter are the first impressions we get of you.
  • Details – It is often the small details which count. As an example, make sure you do a spell check.
  • Exclude irrelevant points – Try not to include irrelevant points. Even if you are very proud of a particular achievement, if it is not at all relevant to the position you are applying for use the limited space more effectively.
  • Network – use your network as much as possible to answer questions you may have and give tips.
  • A second pair of eyes – I advise people to get someone they know and trust to look through their application before sending it. Another pair of eyes can see the application in a different light.
  • Passion! – try to show your passion for the industry, company, department and position. A good way for graduates to do this is by being active in relevant student societies.  Also to take part in company and industry related presentations, lectures and events.

Hopefully the above points will help you in some way. They can not of course guarantee anyone an interview, but they will improve your chances.  Good luck and maybe I will meet or interview you in the near future!

All the best with the application process! For more tips, advice and graduate insights read more of the blog posts full of guidance from former graduates, for e.g. this post by Nicolas on how to prepare for the interview.


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A (very) steep learning curve

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Dear reader,

Today, I want to share the journey I have been on throughout my first 5 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk. It’s funny, every time I write my title I feel a small, proud energy floating in my body. What a privilege it has been so far!

There is no way I can fit all the great experiences and learnings I’ve had into this humble blog post. Instead, I offer you three examples from my everyday life at Novo Nordisk, that has developed me – both professionally and personally.

  • The global, multi-competence room

My first rotation is in the brand team of one of our newest insulins. Really exiting stuff! It is our task to create12669359_10153467263621733_1833691680_o marketing strategies, tactics and materials to bring the insulin to the patient globally in the best possible way. This is not an easy task in the pharma industry, especially within the area of diabetes, where each patient has his/her own unique profile and therefore need individualized treatment. We first need to consider the market: e.g. the type of health system governing the particular country, how doctors prefer to treat diabetes, the competitive landscape and legal requirements, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally, this requires a skilled team with specialists within all these areas. I found myself in a room with such team last week, in the preparations of a launch in a new market.

Despite the wide diversity in professional backgrounds (and nationalities – 7 different out of 8 people), we managed to co-formulate a solid and exhaustive roll-out plan for the product with the country affiliate. I especially enjoyed how everyone either built or challenged each others arguments in an efficient and constructive manner. I took with me so much from that room apart from business strategy and execution!

  • The diversity of tasks

My first rotation has been a mixture of day-to-day tasks and long-term projects. On a day-to-day basis, I support 4 global product managers and 1 global marketing director. Each of these have different areas of responsibilities, which has given me a great overview of all activities in a global brand team. Among others these include: creation of marketing material, sales training, strategy creation and product development. On top of these tasks, I have my own on-going projects. Most of these were planned and given to me before I even started the programme. It felt great that I had a purpose, and felt part of the team from the beginning. In addition, my manager has also given me freedom to suggest and drive my own projects, if they can bring value to the brand. Consequently, I truly feel I am getting some really diverse and strong competences in the field of marketing.

  • The personal development

12669376_10153463735936733_2126526983_oA large part of the graduate program (and career in Novo Nordisk in general) is the focus on personal development. I have quickly recognized that knowing yourself as a person and a professional
is very important in business. By this I mean truly knowing your strengths and weaknesses, both in and individual and collaborative setting. By discovering this, you can capitalize on your capabilities, and detect areas of growth. It may sound easily-perceived, but trust me, when you find yourself with so many different people in so many different business settings as you do in Novo Nordisk, you start discovering new things about yourself. That is why the graduate program places great emphasis on your learning journey. In the end, Novo Nordisk wants the best resource possible, i.e. the best possible version of you. I like that thought, and feel secure that the eagerness to learn, work and collaborate, combined with the nurturing environment of the graduate program, will take me there.

I hope this blog post has motivated you to seek an opportunity to embark a carreer in Novo Nordisk!

All the best,

Next Blogpost: My Global Recruitment Centre Adventure, March 1st

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How I prepared for, and passed the interview

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Dear reader,

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have been chosen among thousands of applicants, and invited to interview for one of the Global Graduate Programs at Novo Nordisk. Well done, and congratulations! This is truly a great achievement. It also means that , within a few days, you will be interviewed by a Novo Nordisk assessor. This will be your ticket to proceed to the next and final round: The Global Recruitment Centre. So you need to be on point for this to happen, because you are competing against some really talented applicants.

We all have different feelings upon interviews. Some get super nervous, others don’t even realize they are under evaluation. In my opinion, its not advantageous to be one type over the other. If you are nervous, it means that  subconsciously have realized that you have something in range, which you do not wish to loose – a passion that will ultimately show during the interview in one way or the other. On the other hand, if you are calm, you are able to maintain focus throughout the interview and optimize your performance.

Regardless which of these types you resemble the most, here are a few things I did, that may become handy:

Accept and present what you are. Use your ‘type’ as a strength and make sure that the assessor knows exactly what drives you; what you dream of; why you have applied for the Graduate Program; and why you want a future at Novo Nordisk.

Be honest. Although you are talking to a stranger, the assessor has many years of experience in finding the best candidates, so he or she will know if you are trying too hard, or over-selling yourself. Sincerely, most applicants have few years of full or part-time professional experience, so they are not looking for someone that can turn the company around. We have plenty people that can do that, and there is no urgent need for it at the moment. We want someone, that can be part of shaping the future of the company!

Be a Boullion Cube. All applicants invited to interview are denoted as A+ candidates. You need to make sure that, once your interview is done, the assessor has captured the essence of you. In other words, carefully condense yourself down to a boullion cube.  Think about three words that best capture what you are. If the assessors use those three words, when I ask them to describe you after your interview, you have succeeded. Leave behind cues that will lead to positive associations to you, so you are remembered.

Lastly, be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong. Remember, the question is not IF you fit to Novo Nordisk, but HOW you fit.

I hope this blog has brought you some inspiration to handle your interview. I wish you the best of luck!

/ Nicolas

Next blogpost: A (very) steep learning curve – February 1st 

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Global Marketing Graduate: What could the first rotation look like? Vol. 3

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One of the very first steps of the graduate application process is to understand the 18 different programs offered by Novo Nordisk  and decide which program(s) would best suit you – Yes, you are allowed to apply for more than one program!

Selecting the right program for you not only contributes to your work satisfaction as a graduate later on, a good fit between the program and your background also increases your applications’ success rate.

A year ago, in addition to studying the job descriptions on the Graduate Program overview Website, I also sought inspiration from the blog posts written by the two Global Marketing graduates Jess and Arnar, in which they have each described how their first rotation as a marketing graduate in the Novo Nordisk HQ looked like.

It was only after I have read these post, was I able to really picture becoming a Global Marketing graduate myself.

Therefore, in this post, following the footstep of my predecessors, I want to give you more ideas of the potential role you could be playing as a new Global Marketing graduate


It all started from an Email arrived in my mailbox in June, Announcing: ‘Your first rotation in Novo Nordisk´s Marketing Graduate Programme!’

Your first rotation is assigned to you by your program manager based on the personal background and preference you have provided and expressed throughout the application and assessment process.

The Eamil reads:  Launch Strategy and Planning (LS&P) team under the Global Marketing department

The role of the LS&P team mainly focuses on the facilitation of product launches of the above brands in the key  markets world-wide by providing financial support, market reports and provide the framework named Degludec Launch Planning,and go through all necessary steps of preparation that would lead to a world class product launch with each country launching the products.

The LS&P team works cross-functionally with the band teams, global medical affairs, global market access and the affiliates around the world.

My daily tasks included:

  • Supporting the budgeting and financial management of product launch funding
  • Composing the monthly management report
  • Coordinating the target setting and performance tracking of pre-launch KPIs among the focused countries
  • Updating the monthly market share and uptake report
  • Coordinating the launch status update

The role I took up is very process focused and cross-functional, which gave me great overview of the company’s overall structure and provided insights into the product launch practice – the most essential step of commercialisation of the pharmaceutical industry. Since joining the team, we have witnessed the historical moment of the FDA approval of two of the new generation insulin brands.

The role has also allowed me to go out of my comfort zone to get hands-on experience in financial management that I have never had before, all whilst being guided by my team buddy through every step.

Even better, it did not stop there.

Merely a month later, we were informed of an organisational change, where my team will merge with the other launch teams within the company to form theGlobal Launch Office‘.

New manager, new colleagues, new brands to work on and a new office added a lot more excitement to my first rotation and my list of responsibilities grew to include optimising and integrating the existing processes across different portfolios within Novo Nordisk.

My teammates told me that working at Novo Nordisk means a lot of mobility. Organisational change occurs to contently optimise the company structure and people often move onto other positions when they feel that their professional developments have peaked at the current one.

So, if you are drawn to constant challenges, friendly colleagues and the endless opportunities to stepping outside your comfort zone, apply today! We are looking forwards to welcoming you on board.





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The bright and exciting future ahead

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Dear reader,

In case you are wondering what it is like to be a Global Marketing Graduate, and what we do on a daily basis, then this is a blog post you will enjoy. I will provide a snapshot of my first 4 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk.

Briefly about the Global Marketing Program
The Global Marketing program is unique in its own way compared to other graduate programs. As Global Marketing Graduate you will go through 3 rotations of 8 months of duration: 1 in global marketing, 1 in regional/local marketing, and 1 in sales. The first rotation will take place in HQ in Denmark, where I am currently situated. The following 2 rotations each take place in one of our 107 offices (!) around the globe.

This way, you will get a holistic perspective on the entire marketing chain in Novo Nordisk. How cool is that? You will get a unique set of skills, that very few others possess – skills that will be extremely valuable for the rest of your career.

Wanna know more? Here’s what I’ve experienced as Global Marketing Graduate so far:

Me and the fam in Nørre Aaby

Me and the fam in Nørre Aaby

– The family
As Graduate at Novo Nordisk, you will be part of a group of extremely talented people. This year’s business management and marketing badge (see picture) consists of people from all over the world. The best part is, that these people are also my closest friends in Novo Nordisk. In fact, we have branded ourselves as a family, because we also spend a lot of time together outside work.

These are relationships that are important, both for each one of us, but also for the company. As graduate, you will grow a large network of current and former graduates, that will help you navigate around the organization and create high-quality, cross-functional results. Also, you will get a group of friends with whom you have shared something very unique with. That, to me, is a great gift.

– Work-life, professional and personal development
Gratuates at Novo Nordisk are considered valuable resources for the future of the company. Hence, the company invests in developing Graduates to become highly skilled individuals. Makes sense, right? I have really felt this on my own, as I have been through extensive training in the area of pharma, marketing, project management, and personal development. There is a well formulated plan and a purpose with graduates. I can say that I have learned something new almost everyday in the office – both as an individual and professional.


Brand Team celebrating launch in Japan

But training is not all. Much of my development is a result of the projects I am given. My first rotation is in the Brand team. I am working with one of the newest insulin innovations in Novo Nordisk, and it is our job to bring it to the market in the best possible way. This includes formulating our global strategy; positioning, communication and branding; collaborating with country affiliates in making a roll-out plan; internal communication; portfolio optimization – and so I could go on.. I have been surprised how complex these exercises are, as we must collaborate with various stakeholders e.g. doctors, governments, lawyers and patients, to create the best possible platform for the product in each market. You must be able to juggle with many variables, and you must be a team player to succeed here.

The main projects I have been included in within my first 4 months have been: Creating an internal communications strategy for 2016; supporting a launch in Japan; creating a sales training workshop to be implemented in affiliates; and supporting an upcoming launch in South Africa in 2016. Great stuff!

If this sounds appealing to you, and have persuaded you to apply, read my previous post where I have provided with my insights on how to create a great application. Thank you for reading!

All the best,

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My considerations before handing in my CV, Resumé and Video Application

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Dear reader,Picture1

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have done your homework and ready to pursue a position as Graduate at Novo Nordisk. Exiting stuff!

Speaking of homework, I would assume that you have read various how to guides for writing your resumé and CV respectively. This post will not necessarily guide you to write the best possible application or record the best video. Why? Because we don’t have a template for the perfect application. Every application is reviewed independently, as we all are different, and have our own fit to a company. However, what this post will do is provide you with some tools that may become usefull before and during your preparations. So, please use this post for reflection rather than a guideline.

First, 2 generic recommendations
1. Be consistent. This is your opportunity to show exactly who you are. Our assessors need to know your professional competences and your personal attributes. After having assessed the material you have included in your application, they need to be able to explain (pragmatically) who and what you are, without actually having met you.

2. Take your time. I know how it is to be pursuing your first job. You find A LOT of interesting opportunities, but be critical and pick your fights. Use the necessary time to deliver a high-quality application. It is very easy to see, if a person has been under stress or has rushed through the application documents.

– The CV
No one has a CV exactly like yours. No one. Isn’t that a great thing to know? You have a particular skill set with lot of great experiences that may bring value to Novo Nordisk, that very few others possess. Bring that into play. Also, be selective towards what you want to present in your CV. You may have a ton of great experiences, but maybe not all of them are essential to include. Finally, I will repeat a quote from my previous post: The question is not IF you fit, but rather HOW you fit. Don’t try to find a way to show that you are made for Novo Nordisk – simply be yourself. It’s incredibly tacky, I know, but nonetheless it is the truth.

– The Resumé
In my view, the resumé is the loyal companion of the CV. Where the CV gives a snapshot of who and what you are, the resumé can be a great sidekick to clarify and elaborate. This is your big opportunity to show your motivation; explain why you believe you are a good fit; and be remembered. After I wrote my first draft, I showed my application to a close friend who really knew me, to get feedback for improvements, and to see if he could recognize me through my words. Then, I took the application to a colleague, to really make it clear and sharp. It is a fun exercise that will for sure surprise you, and maybe teach you a couple of things.

– The Video
Last year, the question asked to me was: Why should we hire you?. We had 1 minute to answer. I thought they were crazy, to be honest with you. I had thousands of things to say and feelings to express, so how was I supposed to consolidate all that to 60 seconds? I started gathering all these considerations into a piece of paper, and condensing them into themes and topics, until I found what I believed encompassed why I should be a Graduate at Novo Nordisk.

Then came the recording. I consider myself as a calm person, and I have been in front of a camera a couple of times before, so I wasn’t to worried about this part. I simply sat down and pretended I was talking to a friend I haven’t seen for many years. For many, this is a very challenging task due to insecurity or novelty to sitting in front of a camera. Don’t worry, this is perfectly okay and normal! For you, I would advise to get help your best bud. Try to turn it into a fun task instead of a scary test, so that the assessor really can get a grasp of who you are.

I hope that this post has provided you with some tools that you can use in your application process. If you are curious to know more about me, or have any questions, please feel free to reach out through LinkedIn.

Best of luck!
/ Nicolas

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