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A (very) steep learning curve

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Dear reader,

Today, I want to share the journey I have been on throughout my first 5 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk. It’s funny, every time I write my title I feel a small, proud energy floating in my body. What a privilege it has been so far!

There is no way I can fit all the great experiences and learnings I’ve had into this humble blog post. Instead, I offer you three examples from my everyday life at Novo Nordisk, that has developed me – both professionally and personally.

  • The global, multi-competence room

My first rotation is in the brand team of one of our newest insulins. Really exiting stuff! It is our task to create12669359_10153467263621733_1833691680_o marketing strategies, tactics and materials to bring the insulin to the patient globally in the best possible way. This is not an easy task in the pharma industry, especially within the area of diabetes, where each patient has his/her own unique profile and therefore need individualized treatment. We first need to consider the market: e.g. the type of health system governing the particular country, how doctors prefer to treat diabetes, the competitive landscape and legal requirements, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally, this requires a skilled team with specialists within all these areas. I found myself in a room with such team last week, in the preparations of a launch in a new market.

Despite the wide diversity in professional backgrounds (and nationalities – 7 different out of 8 people), we managed to co-formulate a solid and exhaustive roll-out plan for the product with the country affiliate. I especially enjoyed how everyone either built or challenged each others arguments in an efficient and constructive manner. I took with me so much from that room apart from business strategy and execution!

  • The diversity of tasks

My first rotation has been a mixture of day-to-day tasks and long-term projects. On a day-to-day basis, I support 4 global product managers and 1 global marketing director. Each of these have different areas of responsibilities, which has given me a great overview of all activities in a global brand team. Among others these include: creation of marketing material, sales training, strategy creation and product development. On top of these tasks, I have my own on-going projects. Most of these were planned and given to me before I even started the programme. It felt great that I had a purpose, and felt part of the team from the beginning. In addition, my manager has also given me freedom to suggest and drive my own projects, if they can bring value to the brand. Consequently, I truly feel I am getting some really diverse and strong competences in the field of marketing.

  • The personal development

12669376_10153463735936733_2126526983_oA large part of the graduate program (and career in Novo Nordisk in general) is the focus on personal development. I have quickly recognized that knowing yourself as a person and a professional
is very important in business. By this I mean truly knowing your strengths and weaknesses, both in and individual and collaborative setting. By discovering this, you can capitalize on your capabilities, and detect areas of growth. It may sound easily-perceived, but trust me, when you find yourself with so many different people in so many different business settings as you do in Novo Nordisk, you start discovering new things about yourself. That is why the graduate program places great emphasis on your learning journey. In the end, Novo Nordisk wants the best resource possible, i.e. the best possible version of you. I like that thought, and feel secure that the eagerness to learn, work and collaborate, combined with the nurturing environment of the graduate program, will take me there.

I hope this blog post has motivated you to seek an opportunity to embark a carreer in Novo Nordisk!

All the best,

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How I prepared for, and passed the interview

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Dear reader,

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have been chosen among thousands of applicants, and invited to interview for one of the Global Graduate Programs at Novo Nordisk. Well done, and congratulations! This is truly a great achievement. It also means that , within a few days, you will be interviewed by a Novo Nordisk assessor. This will be your ticket to proceed to the next and final round: The Global Recruitment Centre. So you need to be on point for this to happen, because you are competing against some really talented applicants.

We all have different feelings upon interviews. Some get super nervous, others don’t even realize they are under evaluation. In my opinion, its not advantageous to be one type over the other. If you are nervous, it means that  subconsciously have realized that you have something in range, which you do not wish to loose – a passion that will ultimately show during the interview in one way or the other. On the other hand, if you are calm, you are able to maintain focus throughout the interview and optimize your performance.

Regardless which of these types you resemble the most, here are a few things I did, that may become handy:

Accept and present what you are. Use your ‘type’ as a strength and make sure that the assessor knows exactly what drives you; what you dream of; why you have applied for the Graduate Program; and why you want a future at Novo Nordisk.

Be honest. Although you are talking to a stranger, the assessor has many years of experience in finding the best candidates, so he or she will know if you are trying too hard, or over-selling yourself. Sincerely, most applicants have few years of full or part-time professional experience, so they are not looking for someone that can turn the company around. We have plenty people that can do that, and there is no urgent need for it at the moment. We want someone, that can be part of shaping the future of the company!

Be a Boullion Cube. All applicants invited to interview are denoted as A+ candidates. You need to make sure that, once your interview is done, the assessor has captured the essence of you. In other words, carefully condense yourself down to a boullion cube.  Think about three words that best capture what you are. If the assessors use those three words, when I ask them to describe you after your interview, you have succeeded. Leave behind cues that will lead to positive associations to you, so you are remembered.

Lastly, be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong. Remember, the question is not IF you fit to Novo Nordisk, but HOW you fit.

I hope this blog has brought you some inspiration to handle your interview. I wish you the best of luck!

/ Nicolas

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Global Marketing Graduate: What could the first rotation look like? Vol. 3

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One of the very first steps of the graduate application process is to understand the 18 different programs offered by Novo Nordisk  and decide which program(s) would best suit you – Yes, you are allowed to apply for more than one program!

Selecting the right program for you not only contributes to your work satisfaction as a graduate later on, a good fit between the program and your background also increases your applications’ success rate.

A year ago, in addition to studying the job descriptions on the Graduate Program overview Website, I also sought inspiration from the blog posts written by the two Global Marketing graduates Jess and Arnar, in which they have each described how their first rotation as a marketing graduate in the Novo Nordisk HQ looked like.

It was only after I have read these post, was I able to really picture becoming a Global Marketing graduate myself.

Therefore, in this post, following the footstep of my predecessors, I want to give you more ideas of the potential role you could be playing as a new Global Marketing graduate


It all started from an Email arrived in my mailbox in June, Announcing: ‘Your first rotation in Novo Nordisk´s Marketing Graduate Programme!’

Your first rotation is assigned to you by your program manager based on the personal background and preference you have provided and expressed throughout the application and assessment process.

The Eamil reads:  Launch Strategy and Planning (LS&P) team under the Global Marketing department

The role of the LS&P team mainly focuses on the facilitation of product launches of the above brands in the key  markets world-wide by providing financial support, market reports and provide the framework named Degludec Launch Planning,and go through all necessary steps of preparation that would lead to a world class product launch with each country launching the products.

The LS&P team works cross-functionally with the band teams, global medical affairs, global market access and the affiliates around the world.

My daily tasks included:

  • Supporting the budgeting and financial management of product launch funding
  • Composing the monthly management report
  • Coordinating the target setting and performance tracking of pre-launch KPIs among the focused countries
  • Updating the monthly market share and uptake report
  • Coordinating the launch status update

The role I took up is very process focused and cross-functional, which gave me great overview of the company’s overall structure and provided insights into the product launch practice – the most essential step of commercialisation of the pharmaceutical industry. Since joining the team, we have witnessed the historical moment of the FDA approval of two of the new generation insulin brands.

The role has also allowed me to go out of my comfort zone to get hands-on experience in financial management that I have never had before, all whilst being guided by my team buddy through every step.

Even better, it did not stop there.

Merely a month later, we were informed of an organisational change, where my team will merge with the other launch teams within the company to form theGlobal Launch Office‘.

New manager, new colleagues, new brands to work on and a new office added a lot more excitement to my first rotation and my list of responsibilities grew to include optimising and integrating the existing processes across different portfolios within Novo Nordisk.

My teammates told me that working at Novo Nordisk means a lot of mobility. Organisational change occurs to contently optimise the company structure and people often move onto other positions when they feel that their professional developments have peaked at the current one.

So, if you are drawn to constant challenges, friendly colleagues and the endless opportunities to stepping outside your comfort zone, apply today! We are looking forwards to welcoming you on board.





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An interview with your hiring managers — What are they really looking for?!

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Time is ticking down as the 10 January deadline to apply for a graduate position gets closer and closer. As all of you endeavor to get your applications in before the deadline I’m sure some of the questions you constantly keep asking yourselves is what do they really want? How can I most effectively tailor my application to what these hiring managers are looking for?

In an effort to shed some light on these questions and the hiring process on the whole, I’ve gone directly to the source and asked your hiring managers, Ove and Caroline, just what they expect from each stage of the application process. Everyone here is very much looking forward to receiving and reviewing your applications and we are excited to see what all of you come up with!

Here are the questions I asked them and their responses:

Q: What is the biggest piece of advice you can give someone applying for one of the business programs?

A: First and foremost, be yourself. Have the courage to be you—we do not have a stereotype of what a graduate should be so don’t put yourself in a box that isn’t yours. We get so many applications every year so we need to see what sets you apart, but you shouldn’t be unique for the sake of being unique—it should fit you. If you try to be someone you’re not we will see through it.

More specifically, many people think that when applying for a job it is important to consider your fit within the company, but for us it is equally important that you show that you’ve also considered Novo Nordisk’s fit with you, as well as why you think the pharmaceutical industry is the right place for you. What is it about our industry that attracts you? What is it about our company within the pharmaceutical industry that interests you, excites you, and makes you want to work with us? In addition, why have you chosen to apply for a graduate position as opposed to a permanent position here at Novo Nordisk?

Your Managers!

Q: A lot of people would like you know what you look for in the video beyond simply wanting to know why they should be picked. Is there anything in particular you’d look to see in the video?

A: Don’t read from a script and please do not read us your CV. We already have your CV we do not need you to summarize what is on there for us in the video. You can redo your video as many times as you like before you submit it so don’t be afraid to try different things before you arrive at a final product that you’re satisfied with.

Instead a great way to think about this video is what would be your elevator pitch? Say you meet our CEO Lars in the elevator and he asks you why you want to be a part of the graduate program and why you should have the job. What would you say to him in the minute or so that you have in the elevator? You could, for instance, reference a real life experience that you had that underlines why you think you’re a good candidate. Ultimately it should be something that shows your true colors. See the video as your opportunity for your personality to shine and a chance to say something that isn’t in your CV or cover letter. At the end of the day this video is your chance to say something that we don’t know about you.


Q: After I make it past the first round we have a phone/skype/facetime interview. What are you looking to find out from applicants during this round? How does this round differ from the first round?

A: During this round we look to dig a bit deeper into who you are as a person. We could do this in a number of ways. For example, we could zoom into something you listed on your CV—looking to understand what your role was, what worked well, what might not have worked well, any challenges or successes you had, etc. In this case we may ask you to elaborate on any deliverables that arose from the project as well. Keep in mind though that we could ask you to do this for something in a professional context as well as a personal context.

Throughout this interview we are looking to connect the dots on our end. Is how you’re coming across on the phone in line with how you came across in the video, on your CV, and in your cover letter? See this interview as another chance to give us an even better idea of who you are. We want you to be as comfortable as possible so that you can be yourself.

Finally this interview is also your chance to address any questions you might have for us regarding the program. We want to see that you’ve thought critically about why this opportunity is a good fit for you. Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the graduate program, Novo Nordisk, working in Denmark?


Q: So I’ve made it to the Graduate Recruitment Center. What are you looking to see at this stage in the process? Is there any preparation that I can do? Do you recommend I simply come as I am?

A: The most important thing for us at this stage of the process is that we create an environment where you are comfortable enough to be yourself. We already have an idea of who you are individually so this is our chance to see how you interact with other candidates and behave in teams. That being said we don’t expect you to know every detail of every market in which Novo Nordisk has a presence. We do, however, hope that you will have done a certain amount of homework before you come. Ideally you will have familiarized yourselves with our company’s history, mission, current situation on a broad level, and challenges we currently face.

On another level this is also your opportunity to assess your fit with Novo Nordisk, not only from a corporate point of view but a personal one as well. What do you think of the people you’re interacting with? What do you think about this process on the whole? Answering these questions will allow you to get an idea of whether or not you even see yourself working with Novo Nordisk as a graduate or in general.


I hope these answers have given all of you looking to apply for a graduate position a better idea of how to navigate your way through each stage of the application process. I can personally attest to the truth in every one of the answers that Ove and Caroline gave above. Having been through the whole process and gotten to the other side of it I can say that these really are the things they look for from candidates. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.


Best of luck to all of you!


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The bright and exciting future ahead

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Dear reader,

In case you are wondering what it is like to be a Global Marketing Graduate, and what we do on a daily basis, then this is a blog post you will enjoy. I will provide a snapshot of my first 4 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk.

Briefly about the Global Marketing Program
The Global Marketing program is unique in its own way compared to other graduate programs. As Global Marketing Graduate you will go through 3 rotations of 8 months of duration: 1 in global marketing, 1 in regional/local marketing, and 1 in sales. The first rotation will take place in HQ in Denmark, where I am currently situated. The following 2 rotations each take place in one of our 107 offices (!) around the globe.

This way, you will get a holistic perspective on the entire marketing chain in Novo Nordisk. How cool is that? You will get a unique set of skills, that very few others possess – skills that will be extremely valuable for the rest of your career.

Wanna know more? Here’s what I’ve experienced as Global Marketing Graduate so far:

Me and the fam in Nørre Aaby

Me and the fam in Nørre Aaby

– The family
As Graduate at Novo Nordisk, you will be part of a group of extremely talented people. This year’s business management and marketing badge (see picture) consists of people from all over the world. The best part is, that these people are also my closest friends in Novo Nordisk. In fact, we have branded ourselves as a family, because we also spend a lot of time together outside work.

These are relationships that are important, both for each one of us, but also for the company. As graduate, you will grow a large network of current and former graduates, that will help you navigate around the organization and create high-quality, cross-functional results. Also, you will get a group of friends with whom you have shared something very unique with. That, to me, is a great gift.

– Work-life, professional and personal development
Gratuates at Novo Nordisk are considered valuable resources for the future of the company. Hence, the company invests in developing Graduates to become highly skilled individuals. Makes sense, right? I have really felt this on my own, as I have been through extensive training in the area of pharma, marketing, project management, and personal development. There is a well formulated plan and a purpose with graduates. I can say that I have learned something new almost everyday in the office – both as an individual and professional.


Brand Team celebrating launch in Japan

But training is not all. Much of my development is a result of the projects I am given. My first rotation is in the Brand team. I am working with one of the newest insulin innovations in Novo Nordisk, and it is our job to bring it to the market in the best possible way. This includes formulating our global strategy; positioning, communication and branding; collaborating with country affiliates in making a roll-out plan; internal communication; portfolio optimization – and so I could go on.. I have been surprised how complex these exercises are, as we must collaborate with various stakeholders e.g. doctors, governments, lawyers and patients, to create the best possible platform for the product in each market. You must be able to juggle with many variables, and you must be a team player to succeed here.

The main projects I have been included in within my first 4 months have been: Creating an internal communications strategy for 2016; supporting a launch in Japan; creating a sales training workshop to be implemented in affiliates; and supporting an upcoming launch in South Africa in 2016. Great stuff!

If this sounds appealing to you, and have persuaded you to apply, read my previous post where I have provided with my insights on how to create a great application. Thank you for reading!

All the best,

Next blog post: The Interviews – January 11th

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Our Preparation to Welcome You: All hands on deck

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Hello everyone,

My name is Lolo – Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk started this September.

Last year this time, I was just like you, contemplating on my future after graduation, exploring all the options and navigating through countless confusing career websites. I still remember the great confort this blog brought me when I first stumbled upon it. Stories shared by graduates here made these programs come to life.

Therefore, this year, my fellow graduates and I will try our best to share our insights on this blog, to help you determine whether the Novo Nordisk graduate program is a good fit for you. As our program manager says, ‘Looking for a job is much like looking for a partner, life is too short to be spent with an employer that isn’t fitting for you or cannot be relied on.’

In my first blog post, I would like to bring you to the backstage of the graduate recruitment to see how we are preparing to welcome you!

CEMS Vienna Career Forum

Being a CEMS corporate partner, Novo Nordisk’s graduate recruitment team participated in the career forum hosted by Vienna University of Economics and Business to meet with perspective applicants every November.

As a CEMS graduate (LSE & HEC Paris),  I had my first close experience with Novo Nordisk at last year’s Vienna forum. I still remember wandering the crowded exhibit hall, passing by Novo Nordisk’s booth and being intrigued by the company logo and wondered what this company did. I still feel fortunate today to have discovered the graduate program through the fair.

Exactly one year later, I found myself in Vienna again. This time as a corporate partner, part of the Novo Nordisk team.


(Photo: Part of Novo Nordisk team in front of CEMS Vienna Career Forum)

I was given the opportunity to facilitate the Novo Nordisk Skill Seminar at the fair with our graduate program manager Ove and corporate affair manager Bo.

Throughout the seminar, we hoped to provide students without pharmaceutical industry experience with an introduction and some insights into the industry. Besides the general introduction, controversies, current challenges of the industry  and the Novo Nordisk’s Way of doing business with triple bottom line were also presented at the workshop. Students were encouraged to work on a case study on stakeholder management and produce an actionable project plan that could create value for multiple stakeholders.

Indeed, Novo Nordisk is keen and open to introduce you to the pharma industry. As someone who had never worked in the pharma industry prior to my graduate program application, I could ensure you that Novo Nordisk is open to candidates with all kinds of background: ‘Hire for personality and train for skill’ is one of the selection criteria’s.


(Photo: Novo Nordisk booth at Vienna Career fair)

On the second day, seven graduates guarded the company booth, where we shared our Novo Nordisk experience and distributed information sheets designed for each program with our faces on them. I love the idea of having current graduates as ambassadors of the graduate programs. It reflects how our individuality is highly appreciated and gives us opportunities to share our real life experience with potential future graduates.

Global Business Process Graduate Programme

(Photo: Graduate campaign – result of a fun photo OP)

The Vienna career forum is only one of the many fairs Novo Nordisk graduates have attended around the world. Besides events, knowing that many companies’s career websites are hard to navigate to the point that getting information is a test in its own, the talent attraction team edited the graduate application website based on current graduates’ feedback to increase clarity and minimize confusion. They have devoted themselves to the details of web design, social media and blogs in order to provide you with the best opportunities to get to know us and to have a smooth application experience.

All hands on deck, we cannot wait to get to know you :)





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What makes your cover letter stand out?

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Hej everyone!

In this post, I will attempt to give you some tips on writing your cover letter – what I think is a good cover letter – and how to make it stand out.

These are a few steps you might want to consider when preparing your letter:

1. Before starting…

Carefully analyse “every” word of the job description and try to identify and highlight what best matches your profile. As you can imagine, it is very important to choose the right programme(s) not only for you as a person, but also based on your experience.

2. How to get started…

You do not necessarily have to start from scratch! Take one of your existing templates and work your new cover letter from it.

But before jumping into the writing task, take some time to think! Allow yourself at least one day of brainstorming.

The way I did it was to take three sheets of paper. On each of them, write the following questions and answer them with a few bullet points:

  • What exactly attracts me and inspires me about Novo Nordisk?
  • Why do I want to do this graduate program as opposed to a regular job?
  • What exactly in my experience and profile matches/fits well with the program’s criteria? For example:
    • Global mind-set –> “I have a strong international experience (studied in country A, worked in country B), I speak foreign languages, I am open-minded, tolerant and curious about the world…”
    • Passionate about business –> “during my studies in economics, I learnt …, during my previous internships, I discovered …, why I love business or think it is important…”
    • Development opportunities –> “I am always looking for challenges, I want to develop myself within a dynamic company, I want a fast-moving career, I would like to reach X or Y goal…”

Having this written down, you will find it much easier to feed your paragraphs with well-thought ideas (once you’ve planned your structure – see tip #3) and to describe your experience and competences (see tip #4).

3. Draw your structure – each paragraph adds something different

Your letter is not only your story (= your background and how you came across Novo Nordisk), but also your “sales pitch” (= why you are a great fit for the program). That is why it needs to be well structured, not repetitive and only value adding to your resume.
It should convey a message, one that your CV cannot necessarily carry, that demonstrates your motivation and interest in the program and/or your passion for the company as well as for the healthcare/pharma industry.

To give you an idea, this is how I structured my cover letter. Of course, please be aware that this is just an example. It does not mean that it is perfect or exactly what we are looking for!

  • 1st paragraph: how I came across the company and the program, why they attracted me and what I am interested in here (e.g., Global Business Processes Graduate Programme).
  • 2nd paragraph: tells a little bit about your story and background, but mostly about your past experience (professional, studies). Here, you can truly make an impact on your application by telling more about your learnings from past internships or university projects and what you gained from that. This is a demonstration not only of the competences you built throughout your experience, but also of your achievements (see tip #4).
  • 3rd paragraph: establishes a bridge between what Novo Nordisk is looking for and what you can offer. It also shows your alignment with the company’s values and principles.
  • 4th paragraph: concludes and thanks for time and consideration.

4. Be precise, yet not too detailed

When describing your past experience (internship/project/event), make sure to be precise about the learning or achievement you share but not too detailed! A strong sentence includes the context, the task or initiative, and the result (nice to have a number).

Example: “As a Business Analyst at Company A (context), I used my initiative and creativity to design and implement two project management tools (task) that resulted in significant efficiency improvements (result).”

5. Remember: hard work (most of the time) pays off!

When screeners read thousands of cover letters, it takes them less than 20-30 seconds to see the difference between someone who put work in his or her letter versus someone who did not. I recommend you to use your network of friends and classmates to read through your letter and resume and give you feedback. Finally, you should be ready to send your letter once you think that you could not make it better than it is, once you feel very satisfied with it.

If you’re looking for tips on how to succeed in your video application, go read Sofie’s post on “Do’s and Don’ts”.


I hope to have provided you with some guidance or tips on how to write a strong cover letter. Overall, make sure that the letter reflects yourself and only yourself.

Best of luck!! And please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, on LinkedIn or to :)

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My considerations before handing in my CV, Resumé and Video Application

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Dear reader,Picture1

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have done your homework and ready to pursue a position as Graduate at Novo Nordisk. Exiting stuff!

Speaking of homework, I would assume that you have read various how to guides for writing your resumé and CV respectively. This post will not necessarily guide you to write the best possible application or record the best video. Why? Because we don’t have a template for the perfect application. Every application is reviewed independently, as we all are different, and have our own fit to a company. However, what this post will do is provide you with some tools that may become usefull before and during your preparations. So, please use this post for reflection rather than a guideline.

First, 2 generic recommendations
1. Be consistent. This is your opportunity to show exactly who you are. Our assessors need to know your professional competences and your personal attributes. After having assessed the material you have included in your application, they need to be able to explain (pragmatically) who and what you are, without actually having met you.

2. Take your time. I know how it is to be pursuing your first job. You find A LOT of interesting opportunities, but be critical and pick your fights. Use the necessary time to deliver a high-quality application. It is very easy to see, if a person has been under stress or has rushed through the application documents.

– The CV
No one has a CV exactly like yours. No one. Isn’t that a great thing to know? You have a particular skill set with lot of great experiences that may bring value to Novo Nordisk, that very few others possess. Bring that into play. Also, be selective towards what you want to present in your CV. You may have a ton of great experiences, but maybe not all of them are essential to include. Finally, I will repeat a quote from my previous post: The question is not IF you fit, but rather HOW you fit. Don’t try to find a way to show that you are made for Novo Nordisk – simply be yourself. It’s incredibly tacky, I know, but nonetheless it is the truth.

– The Resumé
In my view, the resumé is the loyal companion of the CV. Where the CV gives a snapshot of who and what you are, the resumé can be a great sidekick to clarify and elaborate. This is your big opportunity to show your motivation; explain why you believe you are a good fit; and be remembered. After I wrote my first draft, I showed my application to a close friend who really knew me, to get feedback for improvements, and to see if he could recognize me through my words. Then, I took the application to a colleague, to really make it clear and sharp. It is a fun exercise that will for sure surprise you, and maybe teach you a couple of things.

– The Video
Last year, the question asked to me was: Why should we hire you?. We had 1 minute to answer. I thought they were crazy, to be honest with you. I had thousands of things to say and feelings to express, so how was I supposed to consolidate all that to 60 seconds? I started gathering all these considerations into a piece of paper, and condensing them into themes and topics, until I found what I believed encompassed why I should be a Graduate at Novo Nordisk.

Then came the recording. I consider myself as a calm person, and I have been in front of a camera a couple of times before, so I wasn’t to worried about this part. I simply sat down and pretended I was talking to a friend I haven’t seen for many years. For many, this is a very challenging task due to insecurity or novelty to sitting in front of a camera. Don’t worry, this is perfectly okay and normal! For you, I would advise to get help your best bud. Try to turn it into a fun task instead of a scary test, so that the assessor really can get a grasp of who you are.

I hope that this post has provided you with some tools that you can use in your application process. If you are curious to know more about me, or have any questions, please feel free to reach out through LinkedIn.

Best of luck!
/ Nicolas

Next blogpost: The bright and exiting future ahead – December 14th

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The why’s: Why Novo Nordisk? Why not? Why me?

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Dear reader,

This is the first of 6 blogposts about my path towards becoming a Graduate at Novo Nordisk.
The first step of my journey began with the why’s. You may be just about to begin your career, and therefore in front of a very important choice! This post may help you clarifying some questions that you must ask yourself upon pursuing the Graduate Program at Novo Nordisk (or anywhere else, really).

Choices: Jon Elster

                                            Choices: Jon Elster

First question to ask yourself: Why Novo Nordisk, and not Company X, Y or Z?
On one hand, this question was fairly easy for me to answer. Novo Nordisk is a constantly growing and developing company, with a global range and an incredible amount of opportunities that can help you grow. On the other hand, I must also recognize that I also considered and pursued other interesting job possibilities, that also would offer a bright future. Nevertheless, my personal motivation for pursuing a career as Graduate in Novo Nordisk made it simple: I saw an environment where I could develop on an international level, getting an exposure (through 3 rotations) that I believe no other employer in Denmark could offer.

If you then think the Graduate Program and Novo Nordisk is for you, evaluate the various different programs, and ask yourself why e.g. Business Process Solutions, why not Global Marketing, and vice-versa. I chose Global Marketing because it is the business area in which I excel, and because marketing in Novo Nordisk is centered around the patient. In the end, we are catering their needs, and we live to make a difference for every patient. I find that very motivating and inspiring.

So far so good. The next question is: why not start your career in Novo Nordisk?
Before I was offered to join Novo Nordisk as Graduate, I started working as Junior Consultant in a marketing agency. I absolutely loved it. Although being in a supporting role, I worked on a strategic level with different clients with some great and talented people. I was very happy to be there, but the only thing that could (and ultimately did) make me move, was the Graduate Program at Novo Nordisk. I felt I would get a hands-on understanding of business, while, at the same time, also developing on a personal level. You will start on an operational and executing level, and you will learn a lot by seeing the direct results of your work. So, if you feel that you should be in a management-level position from the beginning of your career, maybe the Graduate Program is not the best place for you.

In the end, it is all about how you want to commence your career. Consider all possibilities before you start applying for jobs. If you decide to pursue the graduate program, you should be determined and committed to it. Nothing less will do.

Finally, ask yourself the question: why me?
This is a fundamental question. When your application is evaluated, the assessor needs to feel that you fit into Novo Nordisk. But the question isn’t IF you fit, but rather HOW you fit.

So, how do you fit? Why should it be you? We are all unique, and have various elements that drive and motivate us. Bring that into play in your considerations. One of the reasons I believed I fitted into Novo Nordisk and the program was my international background and having had diabetes close to me. I grew up in Ecuador before moving 12312108_10153342166936733_840566312_nto Denmark, where I experienced diabetes through my grandmother, who has lived with type 2 diabetes as long as I remember. I had seen her daily struggles, which motivated me to pursue a position, where I actually could make a difference for patients like her.

I hope that this post has provided you with some inspiration to be critical and rational when applying to the Graduate Program at Novo Nordisk. If you are curious to know more about me, or have any questions, please feel free to reach out through LinkedIn.

Happy December 1st from Novo Nordisk in Søborg!
/ Nicolas

Next blogpost: My considerations before handing in my CV, Resumé and Video Application – December 7th

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How and why I became a Graduate, Step-by-Step

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Novo Nordisk Graduates, 2015-2017

Dear reader,

My name is Nicolas, and I am Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk.
Throughout the next 4 months, I will be posting 7 blog entries to tell you what I believe is most important for you to know before pursuing an opportunity at Novo Nordisk. These will include:

1) The why’s: Why Novo Nordisk? Why not? Why me? – December 1st
2) My considerations before handing in my CV, Resumé and Video Application – December 7th
3) The bright and exiting future ahead – December 14th
4) The Interviews – January 11th
5) A (very) steep learning curve – February 1st
6) My GRC adventure – March 1st

This way, I will be taking you through my journey, step-by-step, from being a Master’s thesis student to becoming a Graduate at Novo Nordisk.

For now I will leave you with a cliffhanger: I am extremely happy and grateful to be part of this company, and you will not regret applying for an opportunity here.

If you are curious to know more about me, you can find more info either on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Happy Hunting!
/ Nicolas

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