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Before 30 Years Old

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“Before 30 years old, follow somebody. Go to a small company. Normally, in a big company, it is good to learn processing; you are part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams. You learn how to do a lot of things at one time. So before 30 years old, it’s not which company you go to, it’s which boss you follow. That’s very important. A good boss teaches you differently.” – Jack Ma

Just in case you don’t know him, he’s the founder of Alibaba Group and one of the most successful businessmen in the world. When I was doing my masters, I had tons of time to watch his interviews and the quote above is probably one of my favorites.

So you might ask, if he said to go to “a small company”, why am I working for Novo Nordisk, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world? Well, I asked myself that too almost 2 years ago!!!

Fast forward to today, I am on my final rotation in my 3rd country and I can answer the question already. Why am I working for Novo Nordisk and why I would recommend the IO Business Graduate Programme.

  1. “Go to a small company” – One of the best things of the IO Business Graduate programme which I only realized now is that you start in the affiliate. When I started, I felt sort of disappointed and bad that I needed to go back to the Philippines after doing my masters in 1st world countries. After enjoying the convenience and safety of 1st world countries, I had to go back to a 3rd world country once again. But you know what, once I figured out that the affiliate was actually growing in double digits, I felt relieved. It got me excited! Yes, Novo Nordisk is a big company globally indeed but in the affiliate level, it is still rapidly growing and it has a lot of challenges ahead. I knew then that the opportunities for learning would be great and in this stage of my career, that’s the perfect breeding ground. It is like joining a small company after all!
  2. You learn the passion, you learn the dreams. You learn how to do a lot of things at one time.” – As a graduate in the affiliate, you learn how to do a lot of things at one time. You may be assigned to a Marketing project but you also get to do some tasks related to Commercial effectiveness, Finance, Product supply, Medical Affairs, and sometimes, even changing the printer’s ink! It may sound absurd but that’s actually very interesting because you get to learn to do stuff that you wouldn’t expect. With that too, you get to interact with basically everyone in the office, from the General Manager to the kitchen assistant. If you are open enough, you get to know what makes them wake up early in the morning. You see things in a different perspective and you get to know their ambitions whatever it may be. Those interactions can teach you a lot as a young professional.
  3. it’s which boss you follow” – I have to admit after finishing my MBA, I felt like I knew everything in business. I was that “annoying know-it-all-I’m-too-good-for-you MBA person”. Yeah, I’m sure you know someone like that too and yes, they’re definitely annoying I must say! :D Back to my point, the graduate programme gives you the opportunity to interact with various kinds of bosses in the affiliate and in global. It gives you the opportunity to learn from them and network with them, you also get to have free advice from them on your life goals. They can provide you with good inputs on how to live your life and how to properly grow professionally. These valuable lessons and inputs would have costed thousands of dollars from consultants, but you get to have them for free, or maybe a cup of coffee (which can sometimes still be free too if there’s a coffee machine in the office!)
  4. “A good boss teaches you differently.” – In my first ever meeting with the General Manager of the Philippines back then, he told me, “don’t be afraid to make mistakes.” Throughout my experience in the graduate programme, that phrase has been repeated by all my direct managers. Being a graduate lets you do things that haven’t been done before, it lets you take risks without really worrying too much. If unsuccessful, the worst thing that can happen is that your boss will just ask, “So, what did you learn from it?” Of course, these risks still have to be calculated risks and it should still be within the bounds of the Novo Nordisk Way.
    On another note, I’ve always envisioned myself to be working in the global headquarters right after doing my masters. However, this ambition has changed a lot after the interactions I’ve had during the Market Access and Public Affairs summit.  Vice-Presidents, Directors, senior managers, and various product managers from all over the world were in Copenhagen for a 2-day summit which I was fortunately been invited too. Learning from their experiences and their best practices from their affiliates is probably one of the highlights of my rotation in Denmark. This experience has inspired me even more to work harder in improving patient access to our products.

MAPA summit


As a parting shot, I would like to share what my boss in Denmark told me as it’s definitely different from what I have been taught before, “People who walk with the most stars on their shoulders here in HQ are from the affiliates.”


Have a good day,



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Time to apply – who are we looking for?

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The deadline for applying for one of the graduate programmes is closing in – you have to send in your application here no later than 12 February 2017. I can imagine that many of you who are considering applying for one of the graduate programmes have thoughts about what type of people Novo Nordisk is looking for. So to clarify this, I will briefly go through the formal qualifications needed to apply, but also the profile and characteristics we hope to find and how you can implement this in your application.

Formal qualifications needed to apply:

  • A Master’s degree from 2016 or 2017 in a relevant field (depending on which programme you apply for, but it could be economics, international business, public health, marketing or similar).
  • Above average academic achievements.
  • A minimum of 6 months of relevant work experience or extracurricular activities.
  • International experience from working, studying or volunteering.
  • Professional fluency in English.
  • The right mind-set with a can-do attitude, high ambitions and excellent interpersonal skills.

The graduate profile we are looking for is characterised by being:

  • Driven – You have to know why you want to work for Novo Nordisk and why you want to be part of the graduate programme.
  • A team player – You should be able to work well in teams and have a humble attitude. Great work is not done by one person alone, but in a team, so we expect you to have a team player mind-set.
  • Proactive – You have to be ready to take initiative and show enthusiasm. We need people who are proactive and not sitting around waiting for someone else to do something.
  • Ready for change – You will be put through three different rotations (read more about the rotations in European Market Access here), so we want someone who can adapt and enjoys change.
  • Result oriented – You have to be able to deliver results and be a high achiever. We are looking for talents who knows what they want and who can deliver great results.

A good way of demonstrating that you possess these characteristics is by giving concrete examples! This applies to both your cover letter, but also in interviews. Examples are great because your previous behaviour in job situations is the best indicator of your future behaviour. The examples shouldn’t be too long, so don’t explain all the details. Instead you should emphasize your role, who was involved and what the results were. And most importantly – what did you learn from it? Remember that the best example may not necessarily be one where you achieved the best result, but where you played a major role and your great competencies were expressed clearly. If you are lucky, it might be the same example.

So, use examples in your online application (including the 1-minute video) to show who you are and why Novo Nordisk should hire you for a graduate position. Read other good tips and tricks for the application process here and here. I wish you the best of luck with your application and feel free to leave a comment or a question below!

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How could the three rotations in European Market Access look like?

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Just like many of the other graduate programmes the European Market Access track has three rotations of 8 months each. During these three different rotations you will experience the many ways Novo Nordisk ensures patients access to our innovative products in Europe. Below I have tried to elaborate on what the three rotations might look like and what type of work you would be exposed to.

The first rotation: The European Regional office in Denmark The European regional office acts as the intermediary between Global Market Access strategy and local implementation in the affiliates around the world. The office has up until recently been located in Zurich, but is now located in Ørestaden, Denmark together with the Danish affiliate and the business area covering ‘Europe North & Central’. In this rotation you will support both headquarter and affiliates optimising activities. Therefore you will get an introduction to working in Market Access that covers both the more strategic work done in headquarter and the more hands-on work done in affiliates. This will provide you with an overview of the many aspects of market access and public affairs!

The second rotation: A European affiliate or business area (BA) This rotation is where you get to go abroad (naturally within Europe) and gain a lot of international experience while building a network! The work done in affiliates and BA’s is more focused on local strategies and the execution and implementation of the strategy. You will work on many and broad aspects of market access engagement and collaboration. Depending on the size of the affiliate, you will experience a market access team who are in charge of everything related to market access and public affairs. In the second rotation you will likely be driving your own project – of course supervised by your host manager – where you are in charge of the work process and outcome. In affiliates you are extremely close to the market (including local payers) and will gain valuable knowledge and experience that you can leverage in your last rotation.

The third rotation: Global Market Access in Denmark (HQ) The last rotation may be in Global Market Access in headquarter based in Bagsværd, Denmark. This department is constantly growing because market access is becoming increasingly important to the success of the company (read my previous blog post about why market access is so important right here). Here you will be part of one the teams within the department, such as Public Affairs, Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) or Strategic Pricing. In general the work done in Global Market Access is focused on developing strategies within these areas, which means that you can really use and leverage the many invaluable insights you have gained in the two previous rotations.

If you are still not convinced why you should apply I have listed my top five reasons below:

  1. You will have the opportunity to make a difference to patients and society while delivering exciting results from a business perspective
  2. Novo Nordisk is the world leader in diabetes care
  3. The programme is designed to develop top talent become future leaders
  4. You will be challenged – expect a steep learning curve!
  5. During the two-year journey you will build an extraordinary network

Don’t forget that the deadline for applying for one of the graduate programmes is 12 February (this Sunday!), so get started on your application today! I wish you the best of luck and remember to be yourself!

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Is a graduate position the only option?

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The answer to that question, is of course no! There are many ways to kick-start your career in Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is a global leader within diabetes care, and to continue our business success we need to attract young, qualified people, including students and recently graduated talents. In this blog post, I will take you through some of the many opportunities within Novo Nordisk. Below you will find three sections, based on your graduation timeframe, which will make it easier for you to find the most relevant information. As I imagine that a lot of you reading this blog are students, I will focus a little extra on the student opportunities in Novo Nordisk and base it on my own experience back when I was a Public Health student.


Graduated in 2016 or 2017? Apply for a graduate position!

If you graduated in 2016 or will graduate this year, you can apply for a graduate position. As you probably already know, the Novo Nordisk graduate programme is a talent programme for recently graduated master students. In 2017 we offer 30 global graduate positions within Research & Development, Finance & Procurement, and Marketing, Business & HR. Within these three categories, you can choose between 11 different programmes, including both a Global and a European market access track. As I wrote in my last blog post, I am part of the European Market Access programme, which is a new programme covering an extremely exciting area of the business. The market access environment is becoming increasingly challenging and therefore it will become more and more important.

You can read a lot more about the graduate programmes in the posts on this blog or find more information on the website here. Apply from 20 January 2017 until 12 February 2017 by completing the online application and by providing a 1-minute video of yourself explaining why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Keep an eye out for blog posts in the near future touching upon the application process or read some of the older posts, like this one or this one.


Graduated in 2015 or earlier? Apply for a full-time position!

A graduate position is a unique and amazing opportunity, but it is not the only way to get your life-changing career going. Novo Nordisk is a big and successful company with more than 40,000 employees in over 75 countries. So, naturally a lot of interesting positions are available within various areas. Novo Nordisk believes in making a difference to both patients and society, but we also believe that it is crucial to grow and develop employees in order to make such a difference. Therefore, by joining Novo Nordisk – in any full-time position – you will experience a strong focus on personal and professional development. For example, you might encounter the talent and leadership development programme, and you will definitely come across the individual development plan, which includes both short-term and long-term goals for your career. So, if you don’t see a track in the graduate programmes that speaks to your professional interest or if you are graduating outside of the timeframe, there are still plenty of exciting job opportunities! You can see all available positions here and sign up for the email job agent here.


Don’t have a master degree yet? Apply for one the many student opportunities!

If you are a student and will graduate in 2018 or later, you still have the possibility to get to know Novo Nordisk better. Novo Nordisk is very interested in getting to know the talents of tomorrow, including students taking the first step on their career path. For that reason, Novo Nordisk offers internships, student assistant jobs and even has a yearly case competition called Innovation in Action. While I was a Public Health student, I participated in the case competition and I had an Internship for six months working full-time.

Innovation in Action is a unique opportunity to show your talent, test your problem solving skills, and network with other students and employees from Novo Nordisk, including people from top management. The case competition is an intense one-day event where students are challenged to work together and present their solution to a real and highly relevant case. The case competition is relevant for master students from all academic backgrounds, nationalities and universities. In order to be selected, you must demonstrate that you are a team-player and that you have a creative and innovative mind-set.

I participated in Innovation in Action in the fall of 2015, where the case asked us to come up with an innovative approach to how Novo Nordisk can contribute to improving the education of healthcare professionals on obesity and on its treatment options. Participating in Innovation in Action was my first encounter with Novo Nordisk, and I was happy to confirm my positive view of the company. I had a great experience and my fantastic team even ended up winning the case competition!


Innovation in Action 2015


Novo Nordisk offers a lot of different internships and they are a great way for master students to get valuable, hands-on work experience. It is an opportunity for a unique learning experience and a chance to turn theory into practice. To work as a Novo Nordisk intern, you are expected to be ambitious and willing to learn. So, if you are eager to start a life-changing career in Novo Nordisk, like I was, read more about internships here and find the available positions here.

I started an internship in Cities Changing Diabetes and became even more excited about working for Novo Nordisk. The Cities Changing Diabetes programme is Novo Nordisk’s response to the urgent challenge caused by the dramatic rise of urban diabetes. This was the perfect match for a Public Health enthusiast like me, especially because I got to work with research and evidence generation both quantitatively and qualitatively. I learned a lot and took so many positive experiences with me into the graduate programme – I can highly recommend spending six months on an internship, if you want to get a feeling of how it is to work in one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


To tie a bow on my student experiences with Novo Nordisk, I had the opportunity to come up with the case for Innovation in Action 2016, where the challenges with urban diabetes in Shanghai (part of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme) became the topic. Furthermore, I facilitated a Danish group and the winning group from the US, who was invited to Denmark to present to Novo Nordisk’s top management together with the winning group from Denmark. This was a great experience, having been in the students’ shoes just one year before.


I hope you found this overview of the many possibilities in Novo Nordisk valuable and please reach out by writing a comment if you have any questions or comments.

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Novo Nordisk graduate or management consultant?

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Dear reader,

Not that long ago, I was in your shoes, trying to decide where to pursue a professional career following graduation. Many talented young people are drawn towards management consulting because of the steep learning curve, varying challenges and I could keep going with the worn-out generic list of motivations you would quote in an interview. It is, however, also because many people basically don’t have a clue what they want to do with their life so having great exit ops seems like the obvious strategy. This was at least true for me about six months ago.

Since a lot of the people considering the Novo Nordisk global finance graduate programme are also considering management consulting, I would like to share my perspectives and reflections on the similarities and differences between the two paths that might help you make a more conscious and informed decision as to where you want to begin your professional career.

In general, you can think of the graduate programme as having a consultant role anchored in one single industry. Novo Nordisk is a huge company operating worldwide with more than 40,000 employees; there are basically enough projects to satisfy everyone – even Marty Kaan. The projects can vary from the establishment of a new plant in Iran and acquiring an insulin manufacturer in Brazil to making a market analysis of a sub-segment of the diabetes market. You will still become the Excel Wizard and PowerPoint God that you are destined to be and even have the chance to acquire the same “consultant toolbox” by working on supervised projects. Especially, if you choose to have a rotation in our in-house consultant department, FLIRcon, consisting of graduates and former consultants from top tier consultancies.

You will become the expert consultants “claim” to be, and even obtain an operational perspective through your understanding of the entire value chain enabling you to deliver results and value to the business on a whole different level. You will not only get to solve the challenging tasks but actually also see the fruits of your hard work materialise. You will, however, not obtain the same cross-industry understanding of what works and what doesn’t, but you will get phenomenal business knowledge within the pharmaceutical industry.

Consultancies often advertise that senior management exposure will accelerate your career as you “get to learn from the best” and leech on the experiences, which is hard to argue against. Although, it might take a while before actually sitting at the table as a junior consultant, you will be thrown to the lions almost immediately in Novo Nordisk. I met the CFO of the company within the first week of the programme and have prepared presentations to both Jesper Brandgaard (CFO) and Lars Rebien Sørensen (CEO) during my first three months; and this comes in addition to regularly interacting with people on CVP and SVP level.

By now, you would hopefully agree that regardless of being a Novo Nordisk graduate or management consultant you will be given amazing development opportunities functioning as a decision-facilitator who drives a lot of impact. If you want to end up in a market-leading, global company with an average top line growth rate of more than 10 percent over the last decade; you don’t have to take a detour to consulting – actually, in Novo Nordisk, spending two years as a graduate will historically accelerate your career more than being a top-notch consultant for two years. As a talented and driven individual, you will most likely take great pleasure in your job regardless of the title as long as you are given the opportunity to fulfil your potential through challenging work and coaching from experienced and bright people. The only aspect that differs, is how you reach your potential – in that context, Novo Nordisk was the best fit for me.


I highly encourage you to start a discussion in the comment section if you want my perspectives on specific matters related to the graduate programme and management consulting.


I wish you all the best,


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Mentors: Your greatest nightmare but your best lesson…

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One of my greatest teachers was actually my biggest enemy…at the beginning of my HQ rotation! But at the end he was one of the biggest Rock Stars I had the opportunity of learning from…I know this may sound a tad bit overly dramatic, but it is what it is!


Remember when I told you that learning from a Rock Star was not at all that easy? And I admitted to having been left bruised, scratched, tired, drained, confused, dizzy and ready to pack my bags and head home to my mum? (Read here if you missed what I said) Well it was all true, but I hung in there with my dear life and gained so much from it! So much so that I would now like to share with you tips on how to survive a tough no nonsense mentor (who you may encounter in one of your rotations….if you are lucky) and how to actually make that mentor one you can count on to always develop you in your Life Changing Career journey.


At first it may be hard to adjust to…especially if you are expecting special treatment because you are a graduate. YES! you are very special for being one of the 42 candidates to have been chosen out of 10 000 hopefuls for the Novo Nordisk Graduate Program. Kudos to you! But the truth is the real world of a graduate equates to actually doing real meaningful work that millions of people around the world depend on, which is not at all easy.


But KEEP CALM, put on your big people trousers/skirt, DON’T FALL APART and CARRY ON READING:


Disclaimer: the below advice is especially helpful for those who are thinking of getting into this prestigious graduate program…How so? Well basically the moral of this story is: NO ONE LIKES CRY-BABIES! Deal with the situation like the Masters student that you are! Also it may help to read the Graduate Programme FAQ as well as get advice from other graduates (Graduate Blogs) who are currently surviving the world of Novo Nordisk.… Don’t worry you can thank me later and NO, cake is still not allowed (Read here if you missed what I said).


Ps: Do not… I repeat: DO NOT forget the closing date for 2015 applications is February 8th so you still have time to Apply


As I was saying: how to survive a dragon that spits fire…erm…sorry I meant tough mentor

dragon1.Research the intricacies of their mind if you can.

After numerous failed attempts to please my mentor who was my daily supervisor in my HQ rotation, I found out he was an ex McKinsey & Co. superhuman. So I did some research and finally found a book in our library that could help me understand the way he thinks… I literally read The McKinsey Mind by Ethan Rasiel and Paul N. Friga, which I must admit pointed out what my problem had been… I was thinking in circles and not frameworks, and structures like he did. However, once I had figured out the language he understood, life become a little easier!

2.Don’t be afraid to challenge them

This means if you don’t agree with everything they say, tell them. And if they challenge you back…stand your ground and substantiate your perception. This actually shows them that you are not afraid of thinking differently and standing behind what you believe. They will respect you for this, but of course they will never let you win the challenges. And that’s ok because your skills will become perfected every time you try. Learn how they work and try doing it better than them…then go back to them for feedback. I am still learning and will one day be that student who became better than the master! Watch this space.

3.Never let them see you upset and never speak when upset. Breathe & keep smiling.

Being upset and losing your cool at work was never a good idea in any case, so just stay away from it period! And speaking while upset may lead to irrational words and decisions, so just breathe! Eat cake! Take a walk! Have coffee! Do anything that calms you, then go back and try again. And besides, if you crumble while learning from the best…it will be your own demise as they will never push you to your limits again! And being pushed to be the best person you can be is what the program is about…right? RIGHT!

4.Listen to everything they say, but don’t take all of it to heart

Getting feedback is the name of the game at Novo Nordisk. Some things however, may be meant with good intentions but may hurt your feelings. Being criticized is good because this is how you grow as a person and professional, but let’s face it… no matter how tough you are some things STING. But you know what, you need to hear them. Take them with a pinch of salt and know that they are not a personal attack on you but are from a place of utmost sincerity for you!

5.Ask questions you want honest answers to, then don’t cry when you hear the truth

I don’t like people who will tell me I look like Gisele Bündchen or Halle Berry when I actually DO NOT!



So if you want the truth, rather ask the one who will never lie to you. Like my mentor… He never not once in the history of my HQ stint told me things that were untrue, even on those days that I was looking for some kind of empathy. And you know what: I will forever respect those who tell me the straight truth over those who try make me feel better… candy coats don’t help anyone in the long run! Trust me…


So, once you have gotten over the initial scary part of “taming the dragon”…erm.. sorry…I meant navigating a brilliant mind, be prepared for lessons that may change your life forever! My life has been changed and I will never look at another tough person with eyes of fear ever again…  And I can honestly say that what I have gained from this experience is priceless and definitely worth every battle scar collected along the way.


Hope this helps you and if you have any other questions on how to overcome your dragon… DO NOT hesitate to reach out.


Ps: Do not… I repeat: DO NOT forget the closing date for 2015 applications is February 8th…I REPEAT you still have time to Apply

Signing out from my last rotation in Santiago Chile, Adios



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The other PS graduates and their advice ! Part 2

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To follow-up on Gustaf´s post about our current Product Supply graduates group. Below are the information, Aleksandra, Kasper and Laura were very kind to share about themselves. We hope it will give you useful details about the Product Supply graduate program and to help you prepare your application.

Aleksandra Heleniak
Nationality: Polish
Age: 27
Background: MSc Engineering Management, BSC Biotechnology, Project management certification. 9 month work experience prior to graduate programme (Product Manager).
1st Rotation:

  • Global Quality, Supplier Audits, Bagsværd, DenmarkAleksandra, Project management for risk based audit selection, Business review process start up 
  • Main Learnings: Change management for the experienced auditors, developing credibility and trust among specialists 

2nd rotation:

  • Business Support, Diabetes Finished Products, Clayton, USA, Strategy development and process governance, Coaching in cLEAN management – PS@Shopfloor
  • Main Learnings: Flexibility and change readiness in the way I handle communication (being direct, highly respecting hierarchy), facilitate workshops (top down approach) and challenge concepts 

 3rd rotation::

  • Biopharm Tablets and Finished Pack, Måløv, Denmark, Project Portfolio Management Process Start up, Part of management team – TBD
  • Learnings so far: Reflection on strategic priorities, status quo and management styles between 3 different rotations

Best thing about the program: Focus placed on self-development and self-reflection, ability to drive improvements and make a difference
My tip for the application: Be yourself, and focus on your dreams and passions

Kasper Veje
Nationality: Danish
Age: 27
Background: MSc. International Marketing and Management  
1st Rotation:


  • Corporate Innovation Project, Bagsværd, Denmark. Project analyst on supply chain and business development project in Kenya, Africa.
  • Main learnings: Advanced my business understanding and analytical skills as I developed business cases for projects at the highest level of the organization. In addition, I advanced my project management skills, namely my stakeholder management skills while navigating a large number of external and internal stakeholders  

2nd rotation: 

  • Aseptic Production Site Clayton, North Carolina, US. Project Portfolio Manager and LEAN coach.
  • Main Learnings: Developed coaching abilities and change management skills by leading LEAN improvement efforts and through shop floor coaching at multiple levels. Gained thorough understanding of project management  and project portfolio management including evaluation of business cases and their strategic fit.

3rd rotation:

  • Bulk insulin production, Kalundborg, Denmark. Support team and plant closedown coordination.

Best thing about the program: The level of responsibility that managers trust graduates with.
My tip for the application: Provide vivid examples of how you have displayed your strengths.

Laura Sørensen
Nationality: Danish
Age: 28
Background: MSc. in Biomedical Engineering. 11 month work experience (in research) prior to graduate programme.
1st Rotation:

  • IM2 Business Support, Kalundborg, Denmark. LEAN coordinator working with LEAN projects and leadership coaching.
  • Main Learnings: Advanced my LEAN skills and general business understanding. Learned how to run a workshop and develop business cases and most importantly shopfloor and leadership coaching.

2nd rotation:

  • Aseptic Production, Chartres, France. Project manager on planning project
  • Main Learnings: Strengthened project management skills and change management and stakeholder management skills.

3rd rotation:

  • Device Manufacturing and Sourcing Logistics, Hillerød, Denmark
  • Teamleader for internal planning

Best thing about the program: The program has a huge focus on personal development, learning from feedback and reflections
My tip for the application: An application should make us want to get to know you better, but still be short and precise

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Why did I choose Product Supply?

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While I introduced the topic of personal reflection, I would like to look back at and share my journey to the graduate program, which has not been a straightforward path.

When I finished my master, I had built my elective courses across different subjects such as economics, law, public policy and felt that I was more a generalist than a specialist, although I had a strong preference for subjects where quantitative skills were important, like finance or supply chain management. And with a generalist background, choosing a first job was hard. I did not know where I wanted to work neither in terms of position nor in terms of industry. I had a keen interest in optimizing processes and was used to interacting in teams so the skills I developed could be useful in many different areas. Since I did not know where to start so I decided to create my own rotations!

I first started joining a start-up company to help build the activities in the US, then I worked as a project finance analyst in a large energy company recommending on acquisitions. While being close to the decision-making process and interacting with decision-makers in these previous positions, I felt I also wanted to be closer to where things happened, to be more active in making things happen and to optimize them, so I decided to seek for more challenges.

After two rotations in the Product Supply graduate programme (I will get back to those in a later post), I realize how fulfilling it is to be in an area where there is strong culture of hands-on problem-solving and of continuous improvement both in the support functions but also on the production floor. For instance, in my first rotation, I would go on the shopfloor and help production managers to identify financially where to prioritze efforts to reduce waste and help initiate the projects to make it happen. I also recognize how the graduate program enabled me to grow even further in terms of professional skill sets with training and personal impact with the opportunities given to graduates to use their skills on challenging tasks. And besides work, the graduate network opens up to great people with diverse backgrounds, interesting stories and a common desire to keep on learning while having fun.

 Feel free to ask any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

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